the Brown out

they say, change will do you good …

december 12th to december 18th | 2011

scenario, yo
change is good. climate change not so good. as population exceeds 7 billion, we continue to pollute and remove the world’s foliage. industrial revolution working against mother nature for 150 years has brought change. are we ready for earth’s change?

mixology psychology
staff shifts at the local brings change. the environment mood of customers is shift dependent. timely visits to match shifts with your favorite can sway the mood swings. must write a melody song 🙂

sheryl crow [lyrics]
a change,
(a change would do you good)
would do you good,
(a change would do you good)

healthy finesse
we are slowly streamlining the topics of the weekly. griddle viddles is replaced by healthy finesse. pub food is always the same. so, after much discussion we found out that we talked a lot about our health and how we should make changes in our lifestyle. the new year is the big change time. we also talk about our mental state, too.

laughter is truly the best medicine. spoonful a day, folks …

dark brown chocolate is healthy stuff folks, however there are some sad labour & fair trade ethics behind harvesting cocoa beans. [click]

like this blog post by lisa johnson fitness [click]

booze can
really don’t know how long we will stay with this topic. there are so many well done websites and magazines available. for now we won’t change anything. we will focus more on what beverages have been mentioned in the news or other forms of pop culture.

visit british columbia wineries [click]

heineken lounge at the airport look impressive, have you seen?
totally digging the heineken commercial, btw

the brown bevies tend to move faster during the cooler months, no?

dirty snow & yellow snow shooters – clever idea [nudge, nudge, wink,wink]

out & about
the great outdoors. shopping is the dominate outside thing. however, the outdoor skating rinks are open. and the local ski hills are full of that fluffy stuff. perfect for get the first few runs of the season under your … skis or boards.

dancing fools we were, dancing the nite away …

weather or not
we think this ‘brown-out’ winter tells it all. oddly enough we dream about ‘brown christmas’ especially after last years record snowfall. the rain option with chance of freezing is never a good thing. winter tire folks. we are still averaging 5 degrees or cooler. all-season tires do not function below 7 degrees. ice and blowing snow will be soon enough. of course we forget that ‘brown-out’ from the power company that happens during winter to conserve power. which is always better than an ice storm …

paul anka said it best. politicians are in it for themselves. the best change we have is the social media influence on world politics. slowly, the cultural changes will come to a parliament near you. our planet’s future is dependent on the people and not climate changing business that is subsidised by public money via your government.

using twitter to interact with a couple of businesses the other day for our weekly promo feature that we have started. twitter is a super fast way to get your message across. facebook has a different flight plan. facebook has the new timeline – that’s a change.

recently while trying to link up with some folks behind the media and their business still think facebook & twitter is a dating site and not a social networking tool. folks, especially those in social media or media can be staggeringly slow to connect. facebook is more than friends & family peeps. change your way of thinking.

swift media [click] motorsport enthusiast & social media management

everybody has a favorite pair of jeans or jacket, shoes or sweater. wearing your favorite is not exactly change. being consistent can be fashionable as long as what you are wearing is fashionable. when you buy gifts this season, consider buying items that don’t have expiry dates.

deception, falsehood & pretending; wrapped with a gift or not will never be in fashion.

oil change & tire change are fairly standard maintenance tips for drivers. but, you also have to change your driving habits during the winter season. just because it’s brown out doesn’t mean there isn’t ice patches – slow down. dark in the morning and early evening – slow down. pedestrians are getting hit – slow down!!

so, what’s up with the snowblower sales – will they go on sale?

how about the snowmobiler at the lake or farm. nothing like the dude ripping through the fields with 2.25″ paddle track and no snow. they’ll be changing tracks if not sleds soon enough.

atv or side-by-side with blade would be handy, no?

alberta cycle [click] chock-o-block full of seasonal merchandise. order your helmet or leathers. lay-away payments on non-current units at huge discounts.

riverside yamaha [click] stage 1 turbo-charger for yamaha sled will change your climb 220hp. yikes!!

carter motorsports [click] beautiful vancouver, b.c. region – full service honda dealer. these good folk do a tire storage program and bike storage. honda cbr1000rr – hot bike. lay-away as soon as you can.

has something changed in your life and you wish it would return back to the way it was. some times there is no turning back the hands of time. what’s done is done and stored in the memory banks. waiting for something occupies too much time than just dealing with the change. i’m sure we would all change a lot of things if we could.

people time
we had a good session the other night down at the local. [session is defined in glossary] interesting group of folks from diverse backgrounds – law enforcement, fire, health care, education, trader, finance, labour, oil & gas, government, hospitality & sales. talking about changes in our life and how life changes us.

people really aren’t that much different we’re just packaged different. the session group changes from time to time. i’m sure your local session group has changed over the years. just a couple of hours of talk can help with life’s changes. it usually takes a couple of days for everything to sink in. change is indeed good.

she says, he says …
the girl “what are you looking at”
the guy “a beautiful blonde girl”
the girl “what am i looking at”
the guy “an old & ugly guy” 🙂

retail folks who work those long hours at minimum wage without tip whom smile and say “have a great holiday season”

taxi & limo drivers taking us home safe.

door hosts & bar porters & kitchen staff, thank you!!!

moral, yo
when mother nature changes, do we change? maybe we just accept change knowing things may change back. are we ready if things don’t change back?

it’s a special time of the year because of family traditions that never change.



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    You are a very intelligent individual!

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