friends by Serendipity

seasonal delight is unwrapping new friendships …

december 5th to december 11th | 2011

scenario, yo
do you have to say we are friends to be friends? i think if you are having fun and talking about nothing you already are friends.

the rolling stones [lyrics]
you can’t always get what you want
but if you try sometimes, you might find
you get what you need

mixology psychology
leo tolstoy began the novel anna karenina by writing “happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

osmosis thoughts: it’s not what we want it’s what you want and somehow we are suposed to know what it is – just thinking.

griddles viddles
eating alone can be an issue as we age. getting used to dining out solo is nothing to brag about but, we do it. it think it’s about being in a room with familiar faces that is comforting. however, it’s the face sitting across from you that is missing while we’re eating.

on a lighter note
many of us haven’t eaten anything from a fast food outlet for a couple years. it’s just that we prefer restaurants. if you need fast food i would suggest you make yourself a sandwich. low sodium, low sugar content. at the end of your work day have your local pub cook, serve and clean you dishes. eat higher quality meals during the week and save room for the fun pub fare and sporting event snacks. quality food empowers the brain & body.

booze can Magazine
sparkling or champagne either will do on most occasions so, always have bubbly in the fridge. sparkling wine is a sweeten wine that has gone through the champagne process usually in a country outside of france.

suggestion – spanish sparkling rose is nice touch over seasonal festivities. also, spanish brut sparkling/champagne is a superb price point for the quick bubbly fix.

chef chiarello vineyards – wines all 91pts by wine spectator magazine.

out & about
tis the season to get out & about. it’s so mild this winter how can you not want to get out. remember those with mobility issues; now that the weather is better drive down to the candy cane lane. go for brunch at the local & have a few.

prince – dec 13th, coldplay starts north american tour in #yeg

maybe it’s the time of the year, but all the movies seem to be just what the doctor order. relaxing fun with friends or a loved one.

our community has formed a special connection with charlie pride. so it’s no surprise that he will bless us with a visit may 31st. buy tickets.

blueRay – the help, the debt, planet of the apes, 13 [stocking stuffers]

weather or not
like a friend said the other night down at the local “if we get to dec 21st, the days get longer and the sun will win over winter” i like that. funny part is all the folks excited to use their new snowblowers this fall are more excited about not using the snowblowers this winter. count me in on that poll.

yamaha snowblowers are available at your yamaha dealers. limited selection and quantity. i will retweet this week about what’s available.

the new year will bring about the concerns of non-voters to stand-up against the current incumbents and their parties and strive for a better tomorrow. that starts with searching for new leadership and a new party. we will build on that.

the right people, the right place, the right – timing is everything. treasure those moments because they become limited as we age. remember those around you and the conversations you had. be more sociable this coming year. when a sibling or friend becomes a parent everything will change for the better.

living social – will raise 400 million for initial private placement.

facebook – will net out about 100 billion for ipo early 2012.

and that my friends is why i’m creating social networking websites.

what about how you treat your friends. respect is in high-fashion. socially we have lost our ability to communicate fashionably. a state of mind that is unique to most is no longer main stream. being in the presence of humans is not a trend or fad but a staple of fashion sense. the inherent ability to connect accidentally or purposefully is the fashion of being human and kind.

just because motorsports is a big contributor to the public house – except the drinking and driving part. summer is fun when the bikes pull up or the cars show and shine. so, we will have a little motorhead talk on pub servation. note that we will be launching a motorsport site in early 2012. as part of the evolutionary process of doing something that hasn’t been done before we will use this part of the weekly to feature a special event at your local motorsport dealership.

riverside yamaha
full service dealership with suzuki, ktm and yamaha g3 boats.
event – december 17th [saturday] get your picture with santa and your favorite ride then use it as wallpaper on desktop or smart phone. 11am til 2pm this coming saturday, ho, ho, ho, yo.

i’m thinking, a photo of santa riding a yamaha sled pulling a sleigh …
follow riverside yamaha on facebook & twitter.

i was wondering if i should use this word to describe chance meetings, after all that is what this word defines. it just seemed to easy a word to choose so, i’m going to use it to replace high school musical.

shopping you know. up and down the aisle of life. looking for that something special. feeling different yet thinking the same. starting to understand what i want except you cannot buy it.

people time
david matas is an instructor in the university of manitoba‘s faculty of law and an international human rights lawyer based in winnipeg. david kilgour and i have concluded in two reports and a book ‘bloody harvest’.

great story in the news about a woman who returned to horse riding to recover from a devastating crash. she is now an equestrian paralympic team member for canada.

she says, he says …
would you like something about this high (pointing to pint glass).
yes, i would like something that high (pointing to her), ha, ha, ha …

to friends who show up unannounced just to hang while we sang.

moral, yo
discovering something or someone whom you were not in quest of brings joy to your world.



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