nicholas of Time

everybody has a nickname or two or …

well that was just in the nick of time,

the name of nicholas. i know many nicholas’ and they all have nicknames. the famous saint nicholas has a few good nicknames of his own. we are in the season of nick’s time. i know that the meaning of this season has become altered and patronized to the extreme where we have forgotten the simple meaning of what this time of the year should be about. nicknames sometimes contribute to an identity lost more than identity gained.

we all have nicknames. most of us have several nicknames. i must admit i do like the nickname thing. some of us have nicknames for work, friends, family and casual acquaintances. after hearing a few nicknames they all seem fitting of the person. sometimes we forget the real name and only think of the person as that nickname. i should probably try to refer to friends with their real name every so often just to make sure i have it correctly.

after several attempts at branding ourselves, the occasional formal name becomes addressed and often that can be funnier than the nickname of choice. businesses will all develop a nickname over time. some businesses are simply created by branding a nickname. it becomes funny or sarcastic when we refer to the business by their full name. that funny or sarcastic approach is much the same with us folks.

the tone of delivery with voice may determine humor or sarcasm. a slight graying can project a shadowy deflection of direction. we can portray our thought about someone through our vocal pronunciation of those nicknames. it all adds to great fun when we have given everybody a name to voice over.

confusion sets in when we start naming people nicknames at birth. have you dropped into your local for a pint and have one of these youths tell you their name. your mind scans the horizon wondering, how in the world did the parents come up with that name and how would you spell it. anyhow, i’m pretty sure that’s an age differenial thing. we can talk with someone on the phone, or read their name on a resume and have a darn good idea of their age based on that name. young people of today rarely use nicknames because of the social media acronyms. however, i have come across a few clever sorts that have discovered the fun in a nickname, and i appreciate that.

as nicknames begin and become popular with the crowd i sometimes wonder if we lose our identity of knowing our real name that our parents thought hard & long over to celebrate our birth. i recently gave someone a pet nickname that soon became popular enough that i created a second tier pet nickname. that nickname also became a popular vice among the crowd. i think it’s time to revert & start using their given name and leave the nicknames for their close friends.

at the end of the day we are nothing but, patrons or like i refer to myself as ‘the old & ugly guy’. a friendship goes outside the business and develops a personality of it’s own between the friends. most of us know that outside the business or public house we probably refer to our friends with their real name. it’s a respect thing that we do – young and old. the patron saint of merchants, children, students & travelers enlightens us this time of the year. this saint also has a nickname … santa claus.

season greetings to you all. ho, ho, Ho …



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