gift of Giving

sometimes words are the best gifts …

november 28th to december 4th | 2011

scenario, yo
in a world filled with insults & ignorance – a word of intelligence is a wonderful gift. teaching, sharing are all great gift ideas. listening, learning also have their rewards. the gift of word comes from what you are thinking and not what you did – straight from the horses mouth.

mixology psychology
nothing balances life then listening to annoyances that immediately become erased by an act of kindness. you know you are on the right trail when those who are falling behind feel it necessary to complain and use your name in vain.

griddle viddles
who would think the popular panini sandwich of 20 years ago would make such a huge return to the menu. so …  small appliance shopping over the week for this italian device. of course every advertisement features panini grills now a days. anyhow, soup & panini this winter.

booze can magazine
allergies – back when we were young any booze would do. however, red of certain vintage & grape will have higher levels of histamine. highly allergic compound – hence; anti-histamine products.  so, sampling of light whites & the occasional reds often has to do. we will elaborate about the allergy & asthma affect/effect with wine & booze later.

sparkling | champagne … next couple of weeks.

for the latest news and links about booze check out the booze can page. our first listing is the tasting room radio twitter @TDMulligan

out & about
mostly festive season stuff happening, folks. which is okay in a way, except it feels like we just had gift giving under the mistletoe last year about the same time. what do cowboys, aliens and hangover’s have in common? read on peeps …

kim stockwood – dec 8,9,10 in alberta. new xmas cd is out. check website for dates and locations.

paul brandt – dec 12

deep purple w/ ian gillan – feb 21 | 2012

danny bhoy – probably the funniest stand-up on tour – mar 23 |2012

bb king – performs may 14th | 2012

if you are literate and historic, you may be interested in a new book by stephen king 11/22/63. about …. i think you get it.

dvd tuesday – cowboys & aliens | hangover II – dec 6th

dec.  movie release – stephen spielberg’s ‘war horse’

whether or not
holy, smoly winds. down south the winds are an issue. trade winds blow pretty darn hard and fast through the southern prairies. move north and those winds become chinook winds. warm winds that can melt 2 feet of snow in a matter of hours. sirocco are winds that blow across northern africa wrecking havoc, same dealy diff continent.

slowly as expected the GOP crazies are dropping out. i felt like Obama on the weekend. nothing like people opening their mouth to remove all doubt of things they know nothing about. a little long in the tooth as they say. the cain mutiny starring …

dichotomy – canadian leadership using public resources for friends & family. attawapiskat leadership using public resources for friends and family.

comments from the peanut gallery are always abundant after a couple, and oddly only by those few. however, the comments received from around the world about the peculiar on-goings in the pub-o-spheres is most entertaining indeed. this time of the year brings out the joy in most and the annoy in others. scroogeables ?

whatever pub in the world you are reading this from, tweet us your comments on the scroogeables in the crowd @pubservation

you would think that anything from the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s would not be in style. so, how do people somehow manage to find brand new clothing items that are not produced anymore.  over-the-top festive sweaters are excellent. a 70’s christmas party would be cool indeed.

it’s boot season, buy some there are plenty styles on earth. visit your local motorsport dealer folks …

talked to the boys from Alberta Cycle the other day – drop in and visit your local motorsport store. you’d be surprised what they have for gift ideas and seasonal attire.

yamaha | suzuki | orange county choppers | vespa

high school musical
life can be like a musical chair game. we just listen to the music of life to get our turn to sing-a-long, dance or find a seat in time. there are those who are sitting that wish they could be standing and vice-versa. carry a tune or stride to the beat of your own drum. i have been standing for a while and i am pondering sitting. another viewpoint might enlighten.

tweets for peeps
nothing screams festive season than a religion recruitment commercial on televison.

when you speak out on purpose to mock or humilate someone, indicates your weakness that we already knew you had.

middle age – knowing that you have equally annoying people both younger and older. – it continues through age if not harnessed early

she says, he says …
sometimes she doesn’t have to say anything for you to give her a compliment.

a few written & spoken words from some very special people over the weekend. click here for ‘if i remember’.

morals, yo
never look a gift horse in the mouth, yo
♫ you took the words right out of my mouth, oh ♫ …



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