white Red or

sometimes both & sometimes two of one …

whatta wino

my wine-servations as noticed over the years of hosting, guesting & serving.

in this blog-o-sphere of life there are certainly lots of opinions about what to do and what not to do. most people are interesting in facts & stats than they are with your opinion. depending on who is hosting and who the guest are … our opinion offering is really nothing more.

aside from the boss coming over for dinner, or the in-laws, or the future in-laws (god bless you, whew) or the casual sit back and pull out the sunday roast bird matched with the first in line bottle on the counter. we all have different approaches to the wine thing. today my first wine posting is about the basic bringing bottle(s) over to family or friends house.

dinner or dinner party – ballpark time frame for dinner is about 3 to 4 hours. dinner party can be twice that time frame and i would also bring a six-pack of import for the host.

time of year – spring/summer usually involves hanging in the sun pre-meal vs the fall/winter has the hang around post-meal deal.

host will have wine parings chosen. you are just bringing something to drink and a gift for later that may or not be opened.

also, if there is several peeps invited for dinner – single peeps need only bring 1 bottle which is usually slighter higher valued big red.

summer/spring – match 1 white with a bold red. you will probably be drinking the white pre-meal. red will be left for hosts or opened late.

fall/winter – match 2 reds. $11 bottle for filling the glass after dinner. valued bold red as gift for host.




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