ho, ho, Horse

a sleighing song tonight, yo

november 21st to 27th | 2011

scenario, yo
tis the season, folks. but, it is also a season of struggle for many. the need to buy and spend is abundant. many peeps aren’t able to participate in this ‘over-the-top’ holiday season. lets us help, think about, and be with those among us. you may receive the best gift of your life – the gift of thanks.

mixology psychology
therapy thru nature & animals. great read recently in the daily about horse therapy. you know, people seek trigger words to piss you off, animals seek trigger words to please you.

griddle viddles
winter foods fill the kitchen with seasonal reminders of childhood. freshly baked, icing & sprinkles are all good. tuna casseroles, shepherd’s pie, hearty stew w/roll, chicken cacciatore and hungarian goulash – dollop of sour cream on top to finish.

thirsty whine
wine is a great gift idea for the home chef. i would suggest bring two bottles. first bottle to be paired with dinner, the second bottle to fill the glass after dinner.

out & about

something in my inbox the other day about a bon jovi tribute band – i may have to rein that night in. lots of good music around town.

gordon lightfoot on friday night

new years eve – movie open december 9th

prince concert december 13th

tickets on sale for neil diamond december 12th for july concert

thanks giving in USA = lots of football. Canada land had our final football game of season.

whether or not
some crazy wind over the past month really kicked up this past weekend. warning to not go outside. tornado speed winds without the tornado. just north of those winds we have super unseasonal temps and no snow. climate is changing around this planet of ours.

Canada, USA, China are down in durban, south africa. climate change stuff and the 3 most polluting countries on earth will not budge on their pollution policies. kyoto is about controlling our carbon emissions not just paying your way out. shameful governments that are not representing the true voice of their peeps.

so, Yemen president stepped down- amen. Egypt is set to vote.

smart phone sharing. hunting & fishing photos are always a good share. farm and cottage country work just as good. even work photos of construction projects. snowmobile & skiing. wild wacky weather candids are handy. and of course those kick ass decorated streets. hay, how about a sleigh ride tonight … just not the same without snow, no. click for ‘horse of course’

the season finally arrives when we can wear all the winter woolies and stuff. but, the weather warms up – what’s up with that. sweaters still work. a western visual works well in winter. so, if you are working outside with the option of rain, wind, sun, snow & cold anytime. back seat of the truck/car is a closet.

january 2012 – kate beckinsale is back with a underworld 4 the awakening – that means black leather, tights and tall boots (count of 3, all guys smile).

high school musical
horsing around the mall checking the halls for all the deckings, i wander. excuse me – she asks. oh, hello .. yes – i respond. i’m thinking of getting something for my nephew and i don’t have a guys opinion, would you help me with choosing something. absolutely, shall we.

tweets for peeps
i’ve always been interested in people who are more lovable than smart. please don’t take this the wrong way, the things i say.

cheerleaders only please, between the plays. like the good old days. rah, rah, rah … pom, pom, pom.

there is a tremendous difference between someone who pays to see something their way and others who see things because they had no money.

she says, he says …
here’s the credit card, i’ll stay with the kids. just bring the gifts here for us to hold and you continue shopping. (malls with bowling alleys) excuse me sir … dos más cervezas

for a grey cup game with two teams that i couldn’t care who won. for a safe thanksgiving to my american friends.

morals, yo
entering into the festive season can be de-moralizing. don’t worry about buying gifts & things if you can’t … we just want you to be happy & healthy. that’s what makes us happy.


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