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november 13th to 20th | 2011

scenario, yo
2 people in conversation is our definitive difference within the kingdom of animal. we can share our thought. we can remember. we can teach, learn, laugh and love. we are our best while being human.

mixology psychology
passing on some creative thoughts to those few. listening to many from those too. concerts, music, books, theatre, museum, galleries, movies & more.

griddles viddles
i must speak of a delicious delectable just recently – a homemade cookie for halloween presented upon my arrival and a smile from the baker that i have enjoyed the most.

tip … midnight hour – turn a couple TV’s to the food network. ie: diners, dives & drive-ins.

thirsty whine
i’m working on a couple wine tasting websites for links. we will let you know when that happens. in the meantime – bartenders tool. learn how to use it and carry one with you. opening a bottle of wine table side seems to be a lost art.

out & about
thank god the live band scene is back. dancing once a week folks? you want some good exercise indoors while having a couple with friends – shindig away. foo fighters, matthew good, pearl jam, jane’s addiction – actual bands playing actual music.

finals rodeo and western week & the river city roundup. giddy-up stuff like horses, cows & girls with beer, all good.

olympic fundraiser at shaw conference centre – with musical acts jim cuddy and alan doyle. celebrity chefs cooking up the treats. money raised goes to charity and the olympians.

the fire department’s annual event ‘fashion on fire’ fashion show.

art gallery of alberta just had their refinery night – theme was formal lumberjack.

weather or not
well i would say that winter has arrived with a huff & a puff and a whole lotta white stuff. snowblower is up an running again … again. snow tires locked & loaded. winter fluids are set to go. now maybe i should book a trip to hawaii.

does this crap ever end? we have a new premier, couple repeat faces for the other provinces. repeat mayor for vancouver. lybia’s crazy train is history. syria’s assad has to be next. iran? the GOP candidates are staggeringly ignorant of any rational intellect- i can’t remember the 3rd one …

sharing a thought helps to clear the head. some free head space allows room for a new interest. have a pint & visit with your peeps. communicate in person is best. so, tweet us if things are alright or all wrong with your sociable.

fall has definitely turned into winter. winter garments are not so … fashionable. staying warm is extremely fashionable. fleece, sweaters, toques, mitts & gloves, poly-pro … etc.

btw – Princess Diana & Princess Grace had displays in toronto this fall. drew visitors from all over the world. kinda makes this thing about a charity fashion show for raising money a good marketing idea.

high school musical

what do you say without really saying when actions are stronger than words – it’s reacting to those words that becomes most difficult. everyone has a special someone who doesn’t respond to actions or words but, just knows they are special. watch your friends hug someone you like – ends your respect in both people.

tweets for peeps
rarely, a day goes by without thinking way outside the proverbial box of life – today a small box would do #justThinkin

being weird keeps me sane

does it make any sense that the hardest sales pitch on earth is the promotion of clean air, water & food

she says, he says
about this high, probably a pint in volume, perhaps something canadian. would you have such a beverage …. she smiles.

as for the cookie – my halloween buddy. a few folk who drove in the cold weather days. i thank you all.

morals, yo
i’m going to compliment you about something completely unexpected. it’s just as good for me as it will … hopefully, be for you.


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