transitional Weather time

summer is falling so get outside …

sept 12th to sept 18th

da weekly scenario
oddly enough we are squeaking more summer out of the weather right down to the wire. grab your better half and enjoy. i always notice the forward thinking establishments whom start seasonal preparations while the weather is good.

mixology psychology
sometimes it just takes one person to open up and see if the other folks respond. you would be surprised how many people share the same experiences. sad when you don’t hear anything for someone … usually means they have problems.

griddle viddles
with the fall chill … not yet, but soon enough. diet is going to change drastically because the outdoor exercise season is coming to a close. god forbid anyone wants to gain weight after losing prior to thanksgiving and xmas. soup & sandwich specials – whatever happened to that bargain?

thirsty whine
bottle shapes – i would suggest you research more about this because there are plenty shapes of bottles and each defines what they were/are used for. parts of bottle – opening, neck, shoulder, body, base. base thickness was resolved with indenting the bottom for additional strength. sparkling/champagne are double fermented and therefore are often second corked into a recessed base bottle.

it’s alive
reading through various twitter and social media feeds it seem many of you are seeking the weekend refuge of live music venues. with the music scene being preoccupied by non-band acts for the children – adults have to seek the live elsewhere, which is great for those venues. after several boring years – several bands are back with new albums and are touring … thank god.

weather or not
you just can’t wait for the weather to be perfect for the swim, hike, climb or bike. weather is just fine – give it a couple months and you’ll be thinking about what you should of been doing outside. harvest should be good despite the crappy spring and summer.

end of week was a debate followed by a preliminary election to determine what city would elect the next leader – complicated crap, don’t ask. 3 folks more on to second round. it reminded my of a corporate hiring policy – no discrimination unless you are a white caucasion male (only 1 per business please)

i much prefer the smartphone to be used as internet reference and media device than just texting your friend at work, home or another pub. having a conversation about IQ is way more interesting and educational then the regular bull shit heard. people are way smarter then even they realize – challenge yourselfs. play some chess or crib.

modern gothic – i started to have fun with this term during the fashion week. glamour rock + mad men (60’s 70’s) = modern gothic. men browse tom ford. women browse vivienne westwood. including costume jewellery, pearls and diamonds.

tip … i plan to tweet info about how to buy coloured stones this fall – stay tuned.

high school musical
so, catching up with some local riding while the weather was good. i stop at a light and cycling gal pulls up beside me – gal in car smiles. no, no, no that’s not my girlfriend – come back, come back. up another street i go – when mom and child decide to follow, no, no no – stop. so, i turn quickly up a hill to loose them – it worked. top of hill was female police officer leaning out window smiling …. hello!

tweets for peeps
am i correct by noticing ‘the hangover’ is on showcase as i type – shall we laugh this friday …

laughing it shall be – the second i see Zack with baby i’m on the floor #laughFriday

scenes with zack & baby are flooring me every frigging time …

watching ‘the hangover’ would be cheaper than public health care system … i believe laughter is the best medicine #ableg

… as i crawl to keyboard – oh, i forgot to mention … #ableg #pcldr candidate bringing humor into the debate… nice #Humanity

i’m going to fall down laughing … down

thankx …to all those who answer their social media comments.

da weekly moral
live in the moment. it may of been warmer last week and it may be warmer tomorrow – but, it’s today. learn from comments and commenting – and lighten up people, it’s going to be cold and dark …


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