the garden Gothic

setting the mood outdoors

sept 5th to sept 11th

da weekly scenario
going into fashion week and experiencing a very warm fall. the garden is in full bloom. noting the colours of black, lipstick, creamy silk, dark purple, black cherry velvet. the vampire, goth look has entered the gardening fray. toss in some dried up leafs, a black sportsca, iron gates and … well just great visual imagery.

mixology psychology
sometimes you want to be different, odd or just plain weird. people leave you alone that way. sit on the outside looking in or just reflecting outwards. the moon lights the harvest while preparing the backdrop for october.

griddle viddles
starting with salads at the week begining tapering to anything warm by weeks end. i see anything deep-fried i want it. also, did you know that if you drink water throughout the day – your body will not retain water. that’s because your body knows that you will keep it replenished.   [mens health magazine]

thirsty whine
red wine has the gothic appeal … no? bloody mary or caesar with black bean. served poolside of course. wine info – screw top, plastic cork or natural cork – neither effect the quality or value of wine.

it’s alive
not too many live acts this week. a lead singer always sounds different when singing something original. lots of emphasis on the sporting events. football, baseball and soccer. world cup rugby is happening but no one is playing it and the local news doesn’t cover it. rugby & soccer – can you get more pub. i guess cricket too …

debate, debates. kathy debates – isn’t she an actress? yeah, yeah i know who she is. GOP debate was … dumb and dumber. conservative leadership debate went down. been there done that vs give it a go. both providing amble debatable entertainment.

finally someone tweeted to the parents to put down their smartphones and pay attention to the kids. you wouldn’t believe how many people just tweet every move their kids make. when is this going to be exploitation. just wait until the kid has their first failure in life and they blame the parents for tweet to much.

fashion week is systematically appearing in all the big cities. TIFF – toronto international film fest. new york shows are begining. brad pitt wearing goth black velour. clooney wearing black and white. rachel weisz wearing black sequin bolero. keira knightley wearing gothic linen in retro mini length. viggo mortensen wearing triple black. megan fox wearing scarlett red and raven hair…

tip … if you want to know how not to wear all things gothic – kardashians and jersey shore will define.

high school musical
back on the bike again – friggen to hot during the middle of the day. morning rides when the kids are in school. oddly enough the moms ride at the same time. riding along the country road taking me home – and guess who pulls up beside me wearing gothic black lululemon … hey, nice wheels!

tweets for peeps
i didn’t know you liked her – i wore that mask well. #nilesCrane

psychologically, interesting textiles and colours usually means the populace is wanting and willing to accept change #goodSigns

colours & textures from the #gothGarden look so friggen excellent – you will have to change your entire wardrobe this fall #yikes

the new colours, textures integrated into design from classroom to boardroom any all media will stem from #gothGarden

thankx … good people you few & yes i will buy a gargoyle !

da weekly moral
just don’t be satisfied with your present closet of dark. you must carefully select quality garments of assorted textures. fabrics from the gothic garden …


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