falling into Summer

nice time for the heat to arrive

Aug 29th to Sept 4th

da weekly scenario
the heat of summer has finally arrived – just in time for the return to school. i always liked the back to school days and think about that time every year about now. i’m sure you folks do to. girls dumping the summer fling or high school beau. boys suddenly pay attention to how they dress. it’s all good – memories.

mixology psychology
at first they are quite easy to get along with. then the emotional effects start to complicate things a bit. silent treatment, qwirkly quips, ignoring your presence … suddenly, everything is okay again …well until something else comes up.

griddle viddles
when it’s this hot outside are we eating anything other than salad. seared tuna, grill beef, prawns & pineapple, lamb & mint, chef’s salad – a little of everything to share with your table. of course the evening munchies of all things deep fried – onion rings, fries, wings, ribs …

thirsty whine
guess what – gin tonic, rusty nail, manhattan, screwdriver, wally wallbanger, wine spritzer … can you make these? did you know that red wine has histame – allergy sufferers may take note. did you know that alcohol that is storage unrefridgerated will come in a opaque bottle. distilled vs fremented. natural light can later the flavour and artificially age the product – ie. red wines, ports, sherrys …

it’s alive
playing some original tunes. chris cornel’s voice is designed for rock n roll. sonic boom with jane’s addiction, pearl jam in town. funny people the other night. lots of comedy jam sessions throughout the neighbourhood. still waiting for someone to have fall music scene on a patio … maybe i have to do something about that.

not much talking until the debates next week. liberal vote goes down next saturday. i can imagine a political channel hitting the airwaves soon. history of politics and how society became civilized. architecture, archeology, anthropology are about studying people and how they came together to be governed.

you tubing the videos at the local – very funny. i am still waiting for a pub to feature QR codes on coasters for the daily special. where’s the tweets peeps. i have these followers the don’t tweet and then the spam tweets are equally annoying. tweeting is the best way to get your message across – and it’s free.

i have changed the rags & threads to a more searchable name. fashion is always at the forefront of design. some great marketing ideas come from observing the latest trends, fads and staples.

high school musical
flashback – ‘back to school’ memories while asking to help solve an interior design issue. waiting for meeting at the local patio. mercedes benz convertible pulls up – blonde ponytail lass slips out the door walks toward the patio wearing denim, old school rock t-shirt with flip flops … guess who my meeting was with ‘hello’

tweet for peeps
the ability to ask becomes apparent in the knowledge prior and desire to learn more #whyNotask #askWhynot

one who listens well, questions better #whyNotask #askWhynot

you will not learn everything in one day, but you can make of day of learning by teaching others #whyNotask #askWhynot

thankx … the huggables are excellent.

da weekly moral
stay in school – life passes by real fast. learn to leave an intellectual mark on life. cheers, seinfeld, big bang theory,


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