wind wave Water

come on iRene – hurricane iRene

Aug 22nd to Aug 28th 2011

da weekly scenario
knock, knock who’s there? it’s not the power anymore – we have been knocked out. trees dropping like flyies, waves smash beach fronts for days. yet, it’s 24 hours of rain that causes all the havock. physical and mental abuse on the system – human, nature & structure. 60 million or so affected … have a pint on the house.

mixology psychology
trying to defer someones dis-interest into a postive – always enlightens. the ignoring phase always has good memories from high school. complimenting phase is learned and accepted with age. i like complimenting – you all look fabulous today despite ignoring me …

griddle viddles
low fat, zero trans fat, low sodium, minimal sugars, no gravies or sauces this week. gluten free, vegggies and fruits with whole grains. diet feeds the body and the brain – clean food = clean body + clean brain. cherish the night out with bit & pieces off the menu in moderation. salad with seared tuna, please …

whining about
a bartender with interest in the art of tending and production of the various beverages to which we created behind the bar. my interest in wine began with the initial insurgence about 20 years ago and still maintains today a fascination of mine. beer is the easiest to produce followed by the distilled beverage unlike the tempormental grapes whose quality is determined by the climate … more next week

it’s alive
music, comedy, variety a little karaoke on the side and we have live entertainment. but, something is missing … original music. why not feature some up and coming artist at the local. at the end of the day how many cover bands playing unrecognized flipped side of a stones record do we need to hear?

leadership debates are flourishing despite not being a common topic at some locals. intellectual capacity and the informative patron tends to frequent similar locales.  publitics within publitics – some locals talk about one thing while others talk about another. soon they find a common locale.

facebook made some security changes for the better. they offered money to hacker – look for breaches like hurricane iRene tearing the beaches. check your browser for apps that allow wordpress to display on your ipad or smart phone. this blog is completely viewable online while having a sociable night at the local.

high school musical
something digital happened much to my delight. reading facebook wall and a suggested profile appears on top right hand corner that strikes my curiousity. i click and read the profile, noticing the location and simply return back to my wall. still thinking that unknown person has virtual the same interest yet in another part of the world. weeks pass and i had someone forgot until late one night the little red icon appears on the tool bar … message from ….

tweet to peeps
jane’s addiction ‘irresistible force’ video #songsinmyhead

red hot chili peppers ‘the adventures of’ video #songsinmyhead

simple plan w/ natasha bedingfield ‘jat lag’ video #songsinmyhead

thankx … the colour purple, your smile, remembering my name and not playing the game.

da weekly moral
end of summer falls into next season with back to school and some real cool tunes. new album releases. hanging with the like minded. everything else is just blowing in the wind …


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