washing wiping Cars

motion potion is on the move

da weekly in review – Aug 15th to Aug 21st 2011

scenario summary of the week
summer has arrived and so have the summer sights and sounds. car washes, patio parties, pool parties, bbq’s … everything is green and flowers are in full bloom. the height of summer with the anticipation of school starting and holidays finishing up.

mixology psychology
if you just sit back and listen to everyone speak – most people do share the same viewpoint, they just present it differently depending how they interpret events. education and travel is the definitive method of articulating your interpretation of timeline. bring experience to the table as they say …

griddle viddles
hot dogs galore. cup cakes and muffins – why are these not the same thing. chocolate cake and ice cream. grilled fruit skewer, grilled veggie skewers, seafood skewers … bbq fondue – excellent idea. raiding the garden for fresh. horses love the carrots.

parched peculiars
wine coolers and spritzers. light beers with lemon. buckets of corona. caesars with celery salt rims, asparagus, green beans, thai chili peppers, garlic pickle garnish. pickled eggs martini. oyster martini. shrimp garnish on caesar.

the world economy is still struggling with americas debt and incapable banking system. spin-offs of countries whom relied on US banking are also failing. gold prices going through the roof as people dump US currency and stocks. good on the lybian people, egyptian and hopefully the sryian folks will follow.

the younger generation are realizing the mystical people written about in books don’t put food on the table or provide water to quench our thirst. social networks are bringing to world together to solve real problems in real time. knowing what is happening with friends, family and business associates around the world – as it happens.

high school musical
knowing you were going to be there … when you arrive and much to her delight your presence is noticed.  she plays as if the timing was a coincidence … you play along. i must add – walking over to show pictures/videos on smart phone enhances conversation …

motion potion
the last of motion potion because we have a motorsport blog going online this fall – stay tuned. summer has brought out one of the great gentlemen highlights that i have not seen in some time. gals washing their own cars. 4 separate ocassions – lululemon, daisy duke, bikini, overalls – complete wash, dry and detail.

its alive
that’s right folks – we are going to replace the motion potion with a little talk about the entertainment around the town. comedy, karaoke and live music – open stage is included …

the most popular song requested by readers is …
summerlea by belle starr

tweets to peeps
if you don’t want crumbs on the kitchen floor – don’t make toast #creativethinking

if you don’t want carbon emissions in the air – don’t burn carbon #creativethinking

the answer for both kitchen crumbs on floor or carbon emission in the air – is not a bigger carpet to hide the dirt under #think

volunteers at the summer festivals – summer is full of festivals in every corner of the world. without your generosity we would not have such fabulous events.

anyhoo … get outside while the gettings good.

coles notes
the spring starts off nice and melted away the winter blues however, the summer has just started in time for fall … what?


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