the good Folk

a festival of good folks

da weekly in review – Aug 1st to Aug 7th 2011

scenario summary of da week
one of those weeks when summer holidays are in full swing, and the festivals start to drain all but the good regular folk at the local. get to know your neighbour again. talk to those whom are usually around. sit on the patio and watch the evening pass by with a umbrella bevy.

memories: to a buddy whom passed away before being able to perfom at the folk music festival – i wink my eye to the sky … thinking

mixology psychology
watching a personality take charge is excellent. the characters working are our cruise directors for the evening. finding us the seats, the people to talk with, some introductions all with a smiling face.

griddle viddles
bbq season means lots of cooking at home. nice to have a break from cooking and hit the local for someone else to cook. burgers, hotties, appy’s, sanny’s, platters, nachos …

parched peculiars
love when the old school shots get poured around – jack, bucca, jager. hey, when ordering the fancy pants hot shots – remember to tip accordingly – they take time to make and care to deliver. have some extra change on hand for the fast tippage.

proper golfers, pool tournament players, dart boards are a little relaxed this summer. noticed some funky cribbage and chess games happening – outside. nfl and nhl pools are starting.

the finance situation was a gong show. the republicans and the tea party morons fighting to keep their tax free wages while the rest of the country pays for their mistakes.

instead of having your friends scattered in different publics around town and using the smart phone to contact – get them into one spot and put down the phone – become smart.

high school musical
guy & girl riding bikes and stop at set of lights (i recognized the gal from prior rides) after following in their slip stream for several kilos, i stop behind them. she glances over the shoulder and says to the guy ‘it must be nice riding with your wife, not being married and my girlfriends don’t ride … i appreciate going riding with anyone’. Hello!

motion potion
busy traffic week. harley’s and customs, audi, corvettes, old school chev business coupe custom, fusions, srt8’s, and a blonde waving from a convertible.

if you max out the credit card and can’t make payments – the answer is not to raise the credit limit #finance101

those who artificially inflate the value of a company for personal gain are getting pay back #stopstealing

people, product, service determine a company’s value – not some pinstrip suit in an office tower #stopstealing

i remember when i paint – narrated by the legendary actress olivia de havilland (art & alzheimer’s disease)

anyhoo … watch the petrified forest (an old b&w classic)

coles notes:
until you are in business for yourself or given a position of financial responsibility – much of the world’s economy just floats by you without a care in the world. i can see that in people …


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