small World after all

connecting with tech is still limiting …

da weekly in review – July 18th to July 24th 2011

scenario summary of da week
girl’s night out. chit chat in person over a cocktail. taking your clothes out on the town. the public house is a fun gathering spot to be in public. girls look best at tables than the bar. however, the bar does lend a little independent streak which is always … hot.

mixology psychology
at what age do you stop breaking up with your boy/girl friend because your best friend just broke up the other night. growing up isn’t always where or when you decide but when we the world really want you with us because you will help. everything in life is a preparation for that time you find your place – and in most cases it’s not that easy but worth the wait.

griddle viddles
junk food season is fully underway. midway fairgrounds – ice cream to corn dogs and anything deep-fried. festival gourmet foods at kiosks downtown and city parks. bbq’s have re-ignited for the simplest of cuisine fare – hot dogs and hamburgers with the occasional rib-eye. umbrella drinks on the patio and buckets of beer.

funny thing about writing worldly observations is the youths whom are born into this modern tech world and cannot for the life of themselves anticipate adults having connections around the globe. people we connected with via travel not internet or cell phone.

high school musical
so, as i help the child with seat adjustment, and straighten the handlebars and put on the chain …. mom decides to ride along side of me while 2 more siblings come out from the trees and flank me on either side. another family passing by and says hello, before i could pedal away …. sneaky ladies!

rags and threads
what do you wear in rain, wind, hail and heat – everything. summer is more fun when your wardrobe is simple and light. shorts, dresses, t-shirts and flip-flops. nobody wants to wear the windbreaker, umbrella, rubber boots, sandles with optional hoodie outfit.

motion potion
indy car weekend just past – and was a success. didn’t see a whole lot of promotional material outside the city centre. driver party was interesting with the exotic cars. ford display downtown with some interactive displays and music. speedvision managed to find it way onto the flat screen tv at the various pubs. some pubs are staying with the speedvision option to the baseball 24/7.

at what age would you use twitter as a tool rather a toy #growingup

at what age do you realize that when someone refers to a bad haircut – they are not referring to you #manypeoplehavebadhaircuts

at what age do you make an imprint on society … or do you #yourcontribution

when do you consider the word ‘we’ to include more than just you and your friends #wholewideworld

new facebook likes, twitter followers, blog readers and the convertible crowd …. summer is here!

anywhoo … summer season is girl season … too short

coles notes:
getting outside and hanging with friends during the summer months, because it will not last long in this neck of the woods. even rainy days as good days when you don’t have to wear parkas, toques and mitts.


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