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da week in review – July 25th to July 31st 2011

scenario summary of da week
we may never enjoy the comforts of the beer buddies house. it is slowly happening before our eyes – most people just don’t see it. technology changes so fast it’s hard to keep up with the latest gadgets. with the busy lifestyles we live, going to the local for a casual starts to make more & more sense. the local has all the gadgets and gizmos for the price & tip – giddy up.

mixology psychology
i can look into a world that is more clear and defined than my present world. the hdtv picture has evolved into a better vision then simply looking around the room. the gal and dude sitting beside me are less clear in reality then broadcasted live or recorded. how weird is this world going to be.

griddle viddles
desserts are the thing. cream puffs (slightly chilled) & mini donuts an absolute. ice cream banana splits with bucca-bailey coffee on a patio. ice cream cones dipped in chocolate – who doesn’t … strawberry shortcake, strawberry/rubarb pie with whip, keylime pie, peach pie with schnapps syrup drizzle …. enough, enough. i gaining typing this!!!

whining about
we are adding the beverage section this week. suggestions to bartenders living in non-tourist towns … learn the basics. dont’ become to dependent on just serving the local brew and highballs with occasional wine pour. the art of bartending – don’t worry about swinging bottles around just creating individual masterpieces you’d serve friends & family. how to hold a glass, and the tools, open a bottle of wine with bartenders tool.

tip … learn to make one artful traditional drink and ask your regular customers to order one so you can practice making it. we will have fun with that learning process with you. pub games #101

following or friending fine folks around the globe certainly lets us know that we are more alike then different. time zone is really the only separation. we tweet cheers overseas. we friend a beer next door. we could unite several pubs at the same time online and converse with facebook and skype realtime. your pub online.

high school musical
i coming around the corner just as a couple gals get ready to layout the long boards and run a few. under full braking we suddenly pause to a wonderful yet gentle voice ‘now this is summer’. we 3 looked around the bend and standing wearing black polyester pants, sandals, and a floral rayon blouse was a lovely elderly lady commenting to us. ‘yes, it is summer now’ – yet, another voice answers. we 3 look around to find a female librarian (glasses, ponytail, summer dress) sitting on a bench with book in hand ….

rags & threads
do you ever have those days when you want to take your clothes out on the town. your clothes have better personality when you are wearing them. four seasons has that effect. we can’t wear everything all year round. more of a girl thing one would think. guys do like wearing the shorts, and t-shirts and golf shirts – stuff you don’t wear in winter.

tip … brunettes – try red flannel with denim, blondes – try blue flannel with denim. not designer denim – old school.

motion potion
the convertibles have being out in full force this week. finally a break in the weather. car shows at last weekends Indy Race. of course now everyone thinks they are professional race car drivers. triumph truxton, bonneville, scrambler have been spotted all over town – people with individual taste. HD night train completely blacked out – excellent.

i miss going to record store and hanging with friends on a rainy day #socialreality

hair feels softer after a good rain soaking.. no #pollutionhairtreatment

going to wi-fi coffee shop with laptop on rainy day #virtuallysocial

if you can’t drive your 4-cylinder vehicle around then how the hell are you going to drive that monstrosity #retireemotorhomes

although brief amy winehouse was spectacularly entertaining and talented … 27 curse.

anyhoo …  putting in some overtime the last couple of weeks.

coles notes:
we are half way through summer and it really hasn’t arrived yet. i get the nice fall stuff but we want to do things during the summer months when kids are out of school.


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  1. Now that is some cool literature.

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