girls will be Rockin

and reaching for new heights …

da weekly in review – July 11th to July 17th 2011

scenario summary of da week
rock’n roll on the boulders so. i found 2 rock’n candidates – they don’t know yet. things started heating up this weekend. bucking trend with a friend. the news of the world is starting to really bug people.

mixology psychology
meaningless babble – the lowdown on how high she climbs, buck-minster fulfilled, the flowers have bloomed so wherefore art thou, the buffster’s ears were ringing, Jlo in the house, where’s the beef in wellington, i’m watching you – what did we do now …

griddle viddles
i ate almost all the bad grilling variety foods this week. hamburgers, hotdogs and grill unknowns smothered with sauces and cheeses unfamiliar to this healthy person. however, i might just say it was delicious. thank goodness for exercise otherwise much of the unknown would have remained with me and us. eat lots but work it off.

good eats idea – too hot to cook at home so go to A/C pub or sunny patio … no dishes or cleanup !!!

it is a lovely thing when 2 friends can stay in contact with each other despite being separated by an equator, hemisphere and multiple timezones. perhaps those electronic communication devices we cart around could come in handy. let’s not forget the absolutely absurd use of the device. everyone needs a night off from being constantly connected …

high school musical
the light-hearted vs the hearty-heeled soul. a quick spin usually defines. on the path of life i was… we intersect at a common crossing. one on bike the other jogging. a shared break for a sip of water from the bottle … and that’s when my lid fell off and the water squirted all over me. sharing a strange laugh on the street corner – she was.

cornation street
tried to catch up with stuff this weekend and the weather was just to nice. so, we will try to pickup this fall or just replace this section with indoors sports and tournaments.

rags and threads
nothing wrong with the gal wearing a pair of denims and flip flops for a patio shift – mosquitoes. i recognize that someone should be wearing camouflage capri length parachute pants with t-shirt and flip flops. girls wearing golf shirts and mechanic shirts expected for race week. outdoor gear is highly fashionable in summer – lululemon, prAna, patagonia, the north face, royal robbins. if you are fit these will fit.

motion potion
vroom, vroom. the time of year has arrived. race week has started and we will add more next week about the events. soap box derby on the weekend. a little talk about those RC-planes on the youtube – very cool. but, when it’s this warm around here most engines are attached to a boat – thank you very much.

the process of air transfered across freon filled copper pipes and blown into a room creating comfort #stufftheneighborhas

women can fake anything – men can ignore anything #actingforreal

hey, there are good tourists and bad tourist – i think everyone has met #summervacation

keeping it real, remembering someones name, just hi just because we are on the same path …

anyhoo … we shall climb and i’ll tell you who … soon

coles notes:
summer is a good time to read that book about which the movie you liked was loosely based. and don’t buy the coles notes version … dumbass.


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