Venting is good

i find becoming a fool makes for good vent …

da weekly in review – july 4th to july 1oth 2011

scenario summary of the week
it seemed like the right week to vent. too many mosquitos, too much rain, dumb politicians, must i go on. it’s the middle of summer without the middle of summer weather. having summer in fall every year is becoming quite unseasonal.

mixology psychology
meaningless babble – kiwi fruit, tee’d off because you don’t bring me flowers, horsing around recently, summer phun with the buffster, sauteed in butter, tramping through the stampede.

griddle viddles
i thinking it’s time for the outdoor pig roasts, a random lobster feast, gourmet hotties, single serving sized wood fired pizza, summer platters with olives, asparagus tips, artichokes hearts, pita, humus, fresh tomato, tabouleh, dolma, seared herring, smoked salmon, pickled pike. grilled pineapple and shrimp skewers. the smell and sight of cooking outside is irresistible and fun for staff.

start using twitter for your daily specials. the warm weather will eventually arrive and those business folks aren’t looking at facebook. QR codes people – download free software online to read and create the code. chop, chop – pitter patter better get atter.

high school musical
one of my favorites happened. the moment when she notices your arrival and immediately turns around to adjust the garments just so, with a quick flick of the hair all done seemingly unpracticed. adorable.

cornation street
i’m thinking about nixing the C street topic until winter. griddle viddle is more fun and appropriate. besides it’s to difficult to keep up with the daily despite  the reprise on sunday morning… stay tuned.

rags and threads
dudes and denim has recurred due to the weather. everywhere is like standing in front of a cold air vent. dresses and shorts are parked for the last few weeks – depressing. it is becoming the year of the umbrella and rubber boots. is a mosquito net unattractive to wear on the patio?

motion potion
yes, yes … the old school cars of 50’s 60’s 70’s in stock form are cruising. i thinking mad men must have a tie-in somewhere. sedans of all makes just left in the original trim, hub caps and white walls. hanging with friends and family going to the buffet, brunch or bbq.

how about a nanotechnology electric suit that emits enough electricity to keep mosquitoes away – #jacketzapper

if Jamie Dimon moves onto the treasury Depadtment – who the hell is left within the financial institutions #ZipZeroZilch

a mechanic only repairs the engineering flaws – it is only truly repaired when it’s re-engineered #dontblamethemechanic >

you would be surprised how relaxing it is to arrive late and stay late with no one else around except a few friendly staff ….

anyhoo … flowers are still growing.

cole notes:
no such thing as a dumb question only a dumb answer. of course not asking a question or why is also considered dumb.  if you can’t answer the question then don’t make anything up – you should seek the answer yourself.


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  1. Thanks for all your efforts that you have put in this. very interesting information. “Ridicule is the first and last argument of fools.” by Charles Simmons.

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