let the Sun shine

let the sun shine come down on me …

da weekly in review – june 27th to july 3rd 2011

scenario summary of week
let the sun shine down on all of us this summer. the season is in full swing in the northern hemisphere. canada day and independence day initiates the launch. patios are open. royal couple on north american honeymoon.

mixology psychology
meaningless babble – summer flowers, sitting by the river, drinking iced tea, bbq your favorite dish, trend #smack #swat #slap #scratch, ie: the mosquito, evening batty vampire slayers, phun, phun, phun in the sun.

griddle viddles
summer allows for creating the fast and furious food. gourmet a hotdog, peel & eat shrimp, shrimp cocktail, oysters on shell, salmon bagel, grilled gyoza with oyster sauce, seared arctic char salad, avocado spinach dips, cucumber watercress with tuna on pita …

pubs are not tweeting enough. small business and sales folks are all corresponding on their smart phones vis twitter. use the free service to work for you. QR code as a happy hour special. Ask me what options are available and some interesting marketing schemes.

high school musical
so, i’m riding bike down treed lane and stop on bridge the same time a girl with dog stops. after exchanging some pleasantries we continue on our way. once i continued cycling over the bridge i notice elder lady with dog sitting on bench. she smiled knowingly, after watching our interaction – i smiled and nodded in return …

cornation street
weird girl is going into labour. never seen her labour at anything else.
naughty sister is really doing some wacky stuff. blondie won’t confess that she isn’t pregant. law & order dude is a little messed up.

rags and threads
smythe les vestes – sport jacket worn by duchess kate. a little to much
jeans and black t-shirts the other night – folks we only have summer for 2 months. change things up a bit – wear some shorts.

motion potion
beginning of week was cold for bike riding. the best vehicle for the week was the horse drawn landau buggy for the royal visit with royal canadian mounted police escort of course. holy smoly is the price of gas getting crazy.

a girl’s hobby defines herself to the guy

a guy’s job defines himself to the girl

a bad day sailing is still better than a good day fishing #kindof >

to those folks who have done fantastic landscaping and gardening for others to enjoy.

anyhoo … kate looks fabulous, doesn’t she ?

coles notes:
i’m just hoping that everyone is going to have a safe and fun summer this year. visit friends and family and say hi to perfect strangers when crossing a treed lined bridge – it just may be the best thing you did all year !!!


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