a summer Whiteout

as the solstice begins …

it’s not the stonehenge age lighten up folks

scenario summary of week
white season has begun. if anyone watched the us-open golf on the weekend, you certainly couldn’t miss the white out. every golfer was wearing either white pants or white shirt. all caddies wore white – standard apparel. some golfers where wearing all white. try wearing that in the hilly-billy-belt.

mixology psychology
more of – you are what you wear stuff – quite pleased i must say. you don’t have to be wearing the latest fashions to be fashionable. your decision to be original is the best fashion choice.

griddle viddles
hottest day so far this summer and i’m craving pasta and meatballs – go figure. so, i made and cooked everything outside – delicious.

what i am digging these days is when people keep the smart phone in the car while enjoying other peoples company. pubs, restaurants and  lounges are really starting to heat up the social media networking for promotions. here’s a tip – generate a barcode for drink specials on your website and link to coaster at business for happy hour.

high school musical
meanwhile, at the greenhouse – girl walks toward me down same aisle
doesn’t say anything while looking down.  same girl walks in front of me just when i’m reaching for a plant doesn’t say anything. same girl decides to rearrange flowers across from me – i say hello. few minutes later the same girl starts to laugh aloud, jump around while riding on plant dolley. i like watching all that grow into something – more next week.

cornation street
law & order district attorny dude walks into room – guest appearance?, now she’s not pregant, new dumbass chick kidnapps her own child, a girl runs-away, people are only funny when they are in the pub …hmmmm

rags and threads
how do you not mention about the clothing auction this past week. various wardrode items commanding huge prices. debbie reynolds was the owner of the garments. it’s getting bad when rubber boats and umbrellas are being sold out – june.

motion potion
car show season during the rainy month of june. convertibles with the top up – not fun. try riding your motorcycle in the mountains early morning or later evening – freezing. jet-skiing without a wetsuit is impossible unless you are a polar bear. shouldn’t really be on the water for very long in overcast weather.

buffy – the energy sucking vampire slayer and beaker.

the less known reverse hint – “why are you here when everybody else
is over there” #somebodylikessomebody

finding the perfect pair shoes is not difficult, but finding the perfect
occasion to wear them is >

the women wearing footwear that the other women are not wearing is whom you want to talk to – original >

the man who takes a path best suited to himself and not others is the man you want to talk to – original >

anyhoo … now, the days begin to get shorter

coles notes:
become the best that you can be is the biggest fashion statement anyone can make. always seek new challenges in life otherwise life may through you challenges you weren’t seeking.


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