coming of Age

today, it takes longer then you think …

so, why rush it, enjoy it.

well, well, well i remember it now
coming of age that is. it happens several times in life you know. 16 is the drivers license, 18,19,20,21 is the drinking in a public place age, 25 is the quarter century mark, 30 is the beginning of true adulthood, mid thirties is when the world notices you. after that it’s just life as usual. read my about my definitions of life stages under the thinking category.

scenario summary for week of June 13 to 19th, 2011
i am finding out that in this stage of life i can see where i have been and where i am going. i watch the pressure of stress build-up in the youth and the release of stress while aging. the wonder of curiosity becomes replaced with penned-up energy.

mixology psychology
young people put in a area of responsibility often lash out due to immaturity. everybody must learn somehow. there is no rush to know everything before it time to know. everything will come together if you wait.

i quite enjoy a large grouping of people. watching familiar faces in a crowd can be a unanticipated surprise. sharing stories and a laugh is staggeringly good for the spirit. a group mixed with young and old is my preference.

high school musical
a girl who likes you will act weird, a girl that finds out you’re not interested acts weirder, a girl that’s not interested about you acts normal; hang- out with these girls

cornation street
new girl – leans over to miss prim and proper – ‘what’s that perfume i smell – plastic’
new girl hitting on male bartender – so, naturally the other female staff want her to leave – hilarious.
perhaps they adopt the sisters kid … funny bird dancing tango – nurse uniforms.

rags & threads
can you be fashionable when the last week is dictated by the weather. rain everyday and night. matching your boots with umbrella is the new fashion statement. oh, do you golf mame … your umbrella says ping.

motion potion
rain sure puts a damper on things. the rumble of vehicles just seems to muffle themselves. there is plenty of time for the sounds of summer to return. just that june isn’t the month to cruise after you spend all day detailing your ride.

betty fox was an inspiration to everybody and most importantly, her son terry.

something isn’t right – but, somehow by me helping you i feel better >

i don’t’ want anything except wanting you to have everything >

make Camping Grand – bring a piano #thinking aloud >

anyhoo … smiling, polite, thankyou, open door, clean up

coles notes:
the best way to deal with life’s issues – is to talk and discuss. everyone has similar issues. sharing the problem aloud is far better than keeping it to yourself. save the rumor-mill from starting by clearing the air before sh.. hits the fan of life.


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