token Babysitter

i believe they are babysitting me.

do you get that feeling. the staff gets to know you and then assumes the role of babysitter for customers. sometimes i just think it is the mothering instinct kicking in. you don’t see a lot of the fathering instinct – thank god.

i have unrelated sisters, mothers and aunts whom take upon themselves to discipline my behavior whether i like it or not. it is always for the best either way. but, like any good kid, we must rebel at stern words and mannerism. i excel at rebel.

many misbehaving celebrities blame their babysitters. yes, these famous folk whom are suddenly thrown out into the spot-light of life have someone looking after them. they are called handlers. just like the person who should of taught my neighbors dog to stop barking. was it Britany Spears or Lindsay Lohan who wore a dog collar.

so, who is responsible for the politicians in the world? is there any nation without a troubled politician. i’m not talking about being flat out dumbass bush or palin. i’m thinking more about the arnolds and weiners. when are these people going to realize that when you are in public office you must stop hotdogging around.

the news folk are pedaling down the same path. i never thought of a newscaster as a celebrity – more of a talking head. however, if they wish to be a public figure then they too have to play by the rules. watch your microphone when off air. the best solution to any media personality is to let the world know you are poking fun at us. the truth is way easier to handle up front then back-pedaling out of a mishap.

… there is only so much air time available for programing on fox.

meanwhile, i better get back to my seat or they will start chasing me around again.


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  1. Greeeeeeeeat Blog Love the Infomation you have provided me .

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