i’m Lucky folks

oddly enough we are not all that lucky in life …

one of the great things i learned while working in the hospitality industry was learning about the different types of people. also, that most customers are there to forget about the bad memories versus trying to have a good memories. the unfortunate part of growing-up is that some people aren’t around to grow-up with you. with age, you  realize that the world doesn’t not rotate around you. but, you can make a difference and Terry Fox says it best – start now.

everybody has problems; some are life-altering and others are just trivial. breaking up with your girlfriend or boyfriend, losing your cell phone or gaining weight … are trivial problems. watching someone slowly die or developing an illness yourself is a real solid problem. real problems in life are not usually a concern until you are at a later stage in life. basically, your early to mid thirties is when you become more aware of your surroundings and less about the trivial things in life. i  will post on this blog about the life stages and their relevancy.

anyhoo… a current trend in hospitality; food and beverage industry has been to team up with a charitable cause and create an annual fundraiser. i like to call them fun-raisers. when a long term illness or sudden turn of events takes its toll on family and friends a solution to deflect the healing and/or grievance has been to create a fun-raiser. a dynamic evening of auction and entertainment to have fun while raising money for your cause. giving back to the community is an unselfish way to help with the healing and/or grievance of others.

grassroot fundraising
launching these following campaigns have now become the standard for bringing awareness to their cause …

terry fox – lost his leg to cancer and running on one-leg started to run across canada until he was forced to stop. today, the campaigned that started it all is the world’s largest one-day fundraiser. 500 million

rick hansen – inspired by terry fox, rick whom was wheelchair bound due to spinal cord injury decided to circle the world on his wheelchair – the man in motion tour. 200 million

stephen lewis – a former cabinet minister and head of united nations, his travels influenced the need to bring awareness to african children suffering with aids. 40 million distributed to over 700 foundations since 2003.

amanda lindhout – freelance journalist whom was kidnapped and held hostage for 15 months campaigns for somali’s women rights. recently donated sports equipment to a women school.

great people and great causes – none of these campaigns would have existed unless something traumatic happened in their life to initiate the foundation.

so, how does this effect myself?
well lucky enough i’m of the demographic where the events in the world matter and i have to ability to make a difference. i have documented my trips and travel memories both good and bad. my idea is to share these memories through a book and fun-raiser. a fun-raiser to create memories for those without memories. a fun-raiser to bring awareness to the brain injury, brain illness, infant brain trauma and alzheimer’s disease. a fun-raiser that will be presented as an annual event using all the dynamic multi-media technologies that i work and design with daily.

i have been busy writing and rewriting my past notes over the years in order to develop several different story lines. i use blog software to lay everything out and receive input from readership.

is one blog of content that will be turned into a multi-media presentation. we call it da book – click on the page and read about it. da games will be included as well as some postings.

foundations we support through our blogs
local level – education, homeless, extended care facility for seniors
national – brain disease, alzheimer’s, brain injury
international – salvation army, red cross, aids

our lifestyle and outdoor websites and blogs
we contribute to various environmental issues around the globe. recently, i was in discussions about creating a foundation based on my environmental blog.

btw these blogs of my experiences – both good or bad are read in virtually every country around the world on a daily basis. hopefully, we can find cures and treatments for these illnesses before you grow-up and become personally effected.


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