martini Please

gin – please, extra dry with three olives …

oh! … then what do you have on tap?

the most famous of all beverages
this beverage is virtually non-existent outside the hotel or fine dining establishment – sad really. i do however know of someone who can make a tasty martini and i keep forgetting to order one from her. the martini is my favorite drink to make – complex simplicity. the quintessential beverage. always interesting to find how other bartenders interpret the formula of shaken or stirred …

scenario summary of the week
where the hell is the old school bartending knowledge. just wait until you try to get a job in a tourist region anywhere in the world and you know squat about – new world, old world, scotch, ports, decant … etc. just so you know, i currently live in a non-tourism northern hemisphere city – the exact opposite of the rest of the world. relax on sending emails folks – i know of a few bartenders that choose to learn and acquire the traditional skill set – but that number is becoming fewer.

mixology psychology
managers and senior staff cannot be everywhere and teach everything. use this opportunity to ask some customers about skill set, techniques and some history about the beverage industry. many of us have traveled to the distilleries and vineyards of the world- ask questions.

so, three girls and a couple guys are sitting down texting each other. one girl’s phone ran low on battery power so her night was finished early. one girl was texting a friend whom couldn’t join them because she had to work – but evidently she was able to text while working?

high school musical
you know you are in a recurring role when you still have your high school listed on facebook and you graduated more than 5 years ago.

cornation street
that was a big patch up job between the older husband and wife – don’t think that is done yet. escort dude is gonzo. old bird was hiding out after being dropped by escort – shows up at salon and smartens things up asap – nothing like good management. i think becky is going to get a child from adoption. music – rhianna’s umbrella sung during choir.

rags and threads
shorts and t-shirts are pretty much a lock. flip flops with a plastic flower worn with denim – eclectic hot. metal frame sunny’s are a must this season. dress like you are meant to be in the outdoors and you won’t need as much make-up gals. people are more relaxed around casually dressed people. however, the animal prints are always fun – Grrrrrr …..

motion potion
it’s that time of year where the sound of poorly exhausted motorcycles are everywhere. but, then so are the exceptionally exhausted variety. the muscle cars are now louder then the annoying thumper music go-carts. that was the way it used to be – i don’t know if that is good or bad – or just me getting older. leMans weekend – cheers audi & peugeot, ride for dad, ms bike tour booze-up, meals on wheels – show & shine. formula one weekend in montreal.

to the three people who have left us this past week. i grew up with one of them and spent countless hours just hanging. i will write something and post on dfmw.

sometimes a majority only means that all the fools are on the same side.

love may be blind but marriage is a real eye-opener.

watering the lawn between periods – isn’t that what older folk do – am i officially old?

anyhoo … life is short – learn, teach and share a laugh.

coles notes:
your ability to make a martini was the qualification standard. you ask if they want vodka – you assume they want gin.


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