the Sun-brella-brella-ella

what would rhianna order …

sitting in the sun under the umbrella-brella-ella.

hey, order off the drink menu already – it’s summertime
yeah, so the other night while sitting at the local – a couple youths sat next to me and ordered a couple summery cocktails off the menu – complete with umbrellas. oh, and they wore summer dresses.

scenario summary of week
those two characters that order the summery cocktails reminded me of the little things in life that you do unexpectedly. i suggested to them about keeping the umbrellas. they did – and happily spun the little shaders between their fingers all night. they will remember that night.

mixology psychology
i had a seinfeld moment at a recent outing – it was about nothing. after a few minutes of listening to the click clock of shoes – i commented. the sound and timing all determined the indivduals location and moment without me turning around and looking – i like that. also, the flip flop shuffle is another seasonal delight- i can hear yaz. sometimes nothing is better then something … if you just listen.

as the people are getting outside and doing some summery activities the photos are being posted. some funny stuff out there folks. i can just imagine the online social activity with the school kids getting ready to wrap up the year or perhaps graduate. digital yearbook or hardcover?

high school musical
this ridiculous event is on hiatus for the summer months.

cornation street
the escort dude was a dud. he snuck behind the counter to look over the numbers before placing a bet – cheater. and then he stole a kiss and sheet hit the fan. building some dialogue with the construction dudes. that bookie guy is acting like an idiot anyway. music – elvis’ suspicious minds at the mouse lady’s party.

rags and threads
continue with the summer dress. i like the denim jean jacket option at night with summer dress. military parachute capri pants – i had no problem with that visual. so, now they say black is bad for bugs! limit the deet folks – as it absorbs into the skin – best not to use on children. drinking alcohol outside increases the chance of attracting bugs.

motion potion
wear your helmet when riding your bicycle. i’m a triumph dude so maybe it’s just me that notices more triumphs this year then usual. truxton, bonneville and scrambler bikes. muscle cars are out in full swing. people are getting serious about dropping some cash into these units – far cry from when i was tinkering.

for being yourself and not changing – for sharing a laugh, for thinking about someone other than yourself …

in fact all of the kids walked to school and back so both parents could work >

weather permitting – we would on occasion ride our bicycles so our parents could work >

working at home meant – cooking, gardening, cleaning or maintaining >

anyhoo … winnipeg has a hockey team – better name them the jets!

coles notes:
the bluetooth ear device amplifies the signal 300% when inside your vehicle – this will affect all passengers – children >


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