high Noon

… and gary cooper is about the house

gary the cooper’s hawk that is!

crows, magpies, blue jays, seagulls and squirrels …beware!
yes, folks my good buddy the hawk as appeared at high noon this year to take care of business. i do not have the disturbing 5am bird calls this summer thanks to some aerial combatant.

scenario summary for the week
it was very much a transitional week with lots of different things going on. there was some excellent comedic surprises, birdman was in the house and yes we discussed ‘gary cooper’. there were some departures and some arrivals. all in all it was a week that will lead us comfortably into the summer months.

mixology psychology
life can be astoundingly entertaining until something surprises you from left field. you know one of those hits that didn’t quite make it out of the park but still left you with the circumstances of recovery. i would think that was my lesson this week.

topics on the social networks seem to lighten up during the warmer months. there is lots of discussion about the nhl final – will discuss more on next weeks sociable. weather is good so get out and hit a patio – talk and communicate the old fashion way – in person.

high school musical
thank god this ridiculous event is on hiatus for the summer months.

cornation street
that escort dude is up to something sneaky and the old bird is going for a ride. buying a hotel in greece – what? oh, yeah and the escort dude starts to kiss another old bird in front of the security camera.

rags and threads
ah, yes the summer dress season is fully upon us. the mosquitos are a nightmare for wearing summer clothes – especially at the golf course. i hear black doesn’t attract the bugs as bad. sweat like crazy but be bug free hmmm……

motion potion
a stationary watercraft never causes harm – it’s the operator. same for atv, dirt bike, motorcycle, snowmobile, canoe, kayak, windsurfer, sup … however sharks have known to interfere with the occasional surfer. always wear a helmet, drive defensive, look ahead, listen to experience. be safe this summer.

to all the volunteers helping out with the festivals this season.

my neighbour has a big dog that hates small dogs … excellent >

big dog lives across the street – small noisy dog barks next door >

i’m going to let nature handle business and open a couple gates this afternoon >

anyhoo … if i can could only get ‘gary the cooper’s hawk’ interested in small dogs …

coles notes:
why does a woman’s observation of men becomes a news item and/or a book.



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