burning Down the house

not enough Talking heads …

warning! get your own answers – begin to lead not follow.

why does it take a tragedy to bring people together?
why do we return to normal and forget those whom we just finished help. either we can’t learn from our mistakes or don’t want to learn from our mistakes. pardon me – some of us. i want to learn from my mistakes.

scenario summay
having just recently explained about the importance of asking questions, seeking answers and limit the bs. three days after i finished my rant a uncontrolled fire swept through a northern community and forced 7000 people to evacuate to neighbouring towns. bad things always happen from the results of these three bad habits.

mixology psychology
life is a journey divided into three – usually three careers define a person. plan – follow – execute | live in the moment – eventually the next path will appear. plan – follow – execute | live in the moment. repeat …

with all the forest fires devastating our region, i am surprised of the lack of social networking and image captures. in situations like this you begin to think these fires have been set by people. maybe it will take time … but, i’m still amazed that we have not seen more. lots of helping hands and the special events are starting up this long weekend.

high school musical
a singing shift the other night. everyone was spared from me – not using a microphone. dancing also – that was interesting. a good summertime shindig is always fun … no?

cornation street
mouse lady is still pissing about her mom dating the escort dude. – i’m scared of the feeling, but i may let my last chance at happiness slip away. – i want to go camping in a field and listen to music.

rags and threads
wind has died down. summer dresses are heating up with the temperature. still looking for a snappy pair of shorts or more. must not be what others are wearing – don’t want to look the same … you know.

motion potion
funny, local radar dude had me clocked at 21km/hr coasting through the trap. harley’s sound better with factory exhaust and back pressure. i’m sure they run better. you can hear a harley coming – you can hear a sportbike going.

for all the agencies helping the fire victims. also the drivers whom have driven us to and back safely.

< we smile at the youthfulness of childhood and wish the world would remain as innocent >

< all good people, places, professions, possessions and prosperity arrive and depart in three for a fee>

anyhoo … watching someone think and suddenly smile is …. excellent!

coles notes:
emotion is often displayed in two distinct methods.
1st – insecure, protective, rude, silent, combative.
2nd – secure, openness, polite, manners, literal.
despite being opposite the results are signs of an emotional response.
– everyone begins with the 1st set …


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