everyone knows its Windy

the answer is blowing in the Wind …

and this Wind is a bunch of BS!

windsurfing really took off in my days
wind has very little use except windsurf, sail or kite surf. without water you are left with … go fly a kite kiddo!

scenario summary
a change of seasons around these northern forests begins with several days of winds. blowing so hard that at times it begins to sand blast our vehicles with the winter residue. gas prices soar in the breeze. yet, it’s too windy to enjoy a motorcycle, bicycle or walk. but, it’s sunny and the sky is blue ….

mixology psychology
life is a never ending lesson. your reaction is the only test. seek those whom can assist your life’s quests. you don’t want to fail the tests.

communication skills are taught in secondary education.
public speaking and asking questions is communication.
do you have communication skills?
eventually, everybody is going to have to get out from behind their sociable networks and actually communicate in order to succeed – what’s your plan?

high school musical
ah-yes, to be free-spirited and young. a sponge waiting to soak up  knowledge.
so, stop sitting around and start soaking up something …

cornation street
old bird and her male escort friend are moving in together despite the mouse ladies disapproval. several of the annoying young ladies … doing the unnecessary drama re-creation … yawn.

rags and threads
so, much for the summer dress watching with this wind. pretty tough to wear a hat for that matter. who owns a windbreaker? wasn’t that like the 70’s. top gear just traded a lexus to a audience dude for a ‘member’s only’ windbreaker. the prairie windbreaker = jean jacket. which i still must buy.

motion potion
well it’s too miserable to ride in this weather. yeah, but i did try riding my bike on the windiest day. actually, the challenge outweighed the discomfort – i’m still ride until the wind stops. snowmobiles are put away, snowcheck is here, bikes are coming out and the boats are being prepped. it’s all good.

to all the people who have answered my questions.
if you don’t ask questions you’ll learn squat.
asking a question shows you’re interested in learning and capable of listening.

i thought i adjusted the sprinkler last year >

the gardening season must be officially open now that I have sprinkled myself >

anyhoo … sometimes tough love is the only way!

coles notes:
life is not about being on the same page, or even the same chapter as everybody else.  but, eventually you have to open the book …


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