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talking to some of the younger folk whom are still seeking some possible career decisions – my suggestion was to consider the hospitality industry. so, i decided to create a career page – it should be posted within the week. anyhow, this is a great business for those of you with people skills. whether part-time or full-time it is a great way to meet people and keeps you moving.

my experience
i worked in the hospitality industry over the years within several capacities. in fact if the right opportunity arose i would still do something part-time for fun and to be sociable. today most operations rely on family and friends that will help whenever necessary to open or close a day. i still offer to help any time i get and so do most of the friends i know.

owner, operate, manage, cook, chef, bartender, waitress/waiter, host, d.j., musicians, comedians, entertainers, dishwasher, prep, bus, porter, back-bar, beverage reps, food sales, store design, marketing, websites … plenty of opportunities.

spin-off opportunities
if you have a few night shifts perhaps a sales position opens up.
try working a couple different positions with one establishment.
retail or sales positions exist for excellent communicators.
always ask questions – it shows you’re interested.
customers often will ask about yourself for a possible hire.
how many actors/actreses or musicians work in hospitality industry.

talk to employer
it cost to much money to train someone and have them leave the company. if you are only there for a short time let your employer know. a good employer will appreciate the honesty and keep the door open for you return. if you want to learn more then that should be communicated with the owner/manager.

ideally, you will want a leadership role – this is good for resume. management positions. opener/closer. help with events. volunteer for the special events on or off site. these are experiences you want on your resume. perhaps a volunteer opportunity with a customer would lead into another career path. and always network with other staff.

retail hospitality
two very important business practices are acquired via the retail and hospitality industries – people and money. the opportunity to interact with people with forever give yourself an advantage in the hiring marketplace. the other significant opportunity is the handling of money. whether you are a cashier, bartender or waitress this experience is of extreme value in the hiring marketplace and your personal life. those famous actors/actresses and musician/dancers that earned their way by working retail hospitality are often very good in other business ventures and excellent communicators.

this is going to be left to a page called ‘da Career’. i will isolate a few career directions for those of you whom are in the industry and would like to turn your current position into a professional career. perhaps you didn’t now of the opportunities and education facilities that exist. i will go into more detail on ‘da Career’ page.

… i may add to this post.


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