what do Guys want?

we have heard this question a lot ….

the answer depends on who is asking.

so, what do you do?
this would be an interesting topic to discuss. we all have heard the dribble from the female perspective – but, what about the guy. because guys initially are curious as to what the girl is bringing to the table. at the end of the day a girls job or career isn’t important. neither are her family or friends, her education or unbringing are completely irrelevant.

what matters – is the uniqueness that a guy finds when he spends time alone with you. there is no need for it to be any more complicated than that – done.

however, just like the girls – guys have some generic categories for the gals – as follows.

the similar girl
sharing similar interests.

she works in same business
she went to same school
she plays the same organized sports
she is from the same neighbourhood – whoops!

the fantasy girl
only in your dreams princess

watches soap operas
has your wedding planned
always asks what you do for work
wears a fake engagement ring – really!

the mom girl
already planning the family plan.

she can cook and bake!
she cleans, laundry & iron!
she’s organized around house!
she plans everything ahead -noooooooo!

the limited girl
prefers familiar surroundings.

limited travel
limited recreation
limited tastes in food and beverage
limited creative  – unlimited limitations!

the working girl
married to what a job provides.

she likes time off
she is always eating out
she is always shopping for personal belongings
she wears yoga clothes despite not doing yoga – luluhoop!

the career girl
married to the job

professionals are always working
professionals are always going to conferences
professionals are always on commitees
business owners never go home – maybe tomorrow!

the trades women
you are your career

a girl that uses tools
a girl that can build
a girl in a uniform
a girl who drives – getter done!

the lifestyle girl
her lifestyle is her career

well educated
artistically cultured
willing to try everything once
prefers outdoor unorganized sports – rarest of species [note photo above]

So, these are a couple of the usual suspects. Should probably add the guy version. I’ll post more later, stay tuned …


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