on this day of Mother’s

thinking of you …

oh, and giddy-up !

a millinery derby at churchill downs
Mother’s day this sunday and the pony’s started the triple crown affair this saturday. as they say in the animal kingdom – may the best horse win.

scenario summary
our mother has alzheimer’s disease so Mother’s day provides us with slightly different memories. Mom is a horse lover and would enjoy the big horse races of the year. our family still watches and places a bet on the usual saturday’s throughout the summer. a couple extra bucks if a grey was running – she always liked an underdog.

mixology psychology
despite some good conversation, clever quirks and quips, a brief spelling bee – you can encounter that spoiled produce. we rely on the hospitality industry to be hospitable. a relaxing evening reflecting on life can become soured by one apple.

social harmony is very much a chemical balance. maintaining good pH is imperative. its the basis of the new diets.
ie: a diet that provides a clear head uncluttered my what life throws at you. mental fitness.

balanced with harmony – there is not enough of these people. people whom are content with themselves and their direction. these are the good souls that provide comfort when we need it.

high school musical
not much happening. maybe nothing is a good thing …

cornation street
annoying whining girl came back. off to the hospital for one lass – appendicitis. again, with the men in aprons. love the dude lying back in the couch with holes in socks, smoking and holding the ash tray.

rags and threads
ladies – summer dress season, have you bought? i must review the short scenario myself. discarded plenty the other day just to make room for more. i must pick out a new pair of sunny’s for the patio lanterns.

sometimes a compliment is given in a peculiar way. but, i’ll take them anyway i can get them.

so, mistakes are the building blocks of your life …

so, what is the mortar? – because i have all these blocks lying around.

anyhoo … horizontal low fives – twice!


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