yes, you May

lovely indeed this May …

you can bet on it ...

yes, it has finally come to an end.
we have had the most dreadful of winters in this neck of the woods. you certainly wouldn’t stick your neck out unprotected. you wouldn’t put anything out unprotected. it really was that cold. but, this may is the beginning of good. so, go ahead stick your neck out.

scenario summary
we are entering the beginning of the busy summer months which means busy days and nights at your local. first saturday is the kentucky derby, sunday is mothers day, third saturday is the preakness. the long weekend begins thanks to victoria, followed by the last sunday in may. a quick race to the brick yard finish line – indy 500.

mixology psychology
as recently explained – i always use the word love in everything i do and write and say. no one escapes the love clause. best part – it keeps those interested guessing as to when i mean it or not. i love it!

[why do i write about these topics] i believe your questions have been answered this past weekend. i write about – love & romance, friends, family, lifestyle, health & fitness, outdoors, travel, education, arts = common denominators in all dfmw blogs – when you combine those topics in real life 3 billion people watch. now you know. read my wedding prose.

high school musical
i trying to avoid the cast members the past few weeks. needless to say i have experienced a couple preverbial train wrecks in life, i can now see them coming. if i tell you to get off the tracks – please do.

cornation street
excellent tidbits while having sunday coffee with timbits. nice candid mention of canada, jean jackets, excellent aprons, phrase of the week – a leopard doesn’t lose it’s spots [by the way a leopard is born without spots].

rags and threads
yes, a new heading and why not. we all watch what others are wearing. i don’t care that much but, i thought you’d get a kick out of what garments i looking for as i notice things about the week. this week thanks to cornie – i must get a new jean jacket. i must re-address that garment.

in a peculiar sort of way – listening to someone explain their pet peeve and then discuss helps both parties involved. hmmm!

poetic tweet
today is the beginning of your marathon of life – start training.

anyhoo … remember to vote, folks!


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