da River

why do i like rivers? …

i like the connectivity that a river represents.

standing on the shoreline
with no end in sight or a beginning for that matter. that is the fascination with the river systems of the world. the fact that a river is the connection between a source and itself is a source. a dichotomy of motion perpetually flowing. the highs and lows of life reflected by water levels as determined by the seasons.

scenario summary
politics for those who care. hopefully, in a free country that should mean everyone that is legal to vote. love is in the air as usual with spring time. the royal wedding is really giving a boost to those romantic thoughts i suppose. i also anticipate a lot of miss timed propose. i think everyone knows. yet another dichotomy of life – spring is a graduation through celebration of an ending to a beginning of the rest of your life. in floral terms – a annual event for everyone to witness your perennial cycle of life.

mixology psychology
i think i’m getting a little to philosophical. oh, yeah – the river thing. there is something excellent about complimenting someone and watching the radiant glow and momentary confusion – that make me smile. read my direction.

ease up on the emails folks and comment on the blog page or at facebook. the facebook comment thingy is slightly messed up and i can’t access the responses. the compliments have been nice. lots of political and royal wedding stuff.

high school musical
the cast was not entirely present for roll call and therefore there was a delay in show scheduling. that was alright – i can wait.

cornation street
in canada we get cornie about 6 months behind what the u.k. does. so i would be interesting to see how they incorporate the royal wedding into the scenes. i would also think that there may be an engagement or wedding – perhaps both.

listening to me, reading, waiting and understanding …

hurt me once, shame on you.
hurt me twice, shame on me.
hurt me three times, i’ll ask you why?
[why do i ask – because i know you can’t answer and that’s funny]

anyhoo … it is not the beginning nor the end – but the means to which they both meet – a river.


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  1. This made me laugh for a protracted time.

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