b-i-n-g-o, b-i-n-g-o, b-i-n-g-o …

what the heck does fencing have to do with bingo?

thanks for asking
actually i didn’t think they had anything in common and i’m right they don’t. it’s about what i had in common with the person behind this story. interested? read on …

last summer we were helping out the family with fencing project and just like usual i go off in some particular weird and unknown random act of singing a song that makes no sense what so ever. yes, you guessed it right b-i-n-g-o, was her name oh!

5 letter rule
if your name has 5 count’em folks, 5 letters – then you too can play or rather sing-a-long together. it’s a bonding thing – except without the strait-jacket fully snugged up … and you’re not confined to a chair with people in white lab coats surrounding you.

off topic
for 10 years i thought all pub employees had to wear white lab coats. that’s what the older man with stethoscope used to tell me. so, eventually i got better and went to the local pub and … no white coats. wow!

so, wouldn’t you think that i’d break into a set of old macdonald had a farm instead of b-i-n-g-o ? you’d thing. pounding nails and singing away helped pass the day.

the story
so, i walk into the pub expecting a couple usual folk and to my surprise … a surprise. i sit down and start explain the fencing story and next thing i know, i’m in a story about fencing – what?

fencing vs fencing
lunge, dodge, deek, passe, parry – or hammer and nail, you decide. of course you realize at this point of time i’m actually using hand gestures to define the story. the guy beside me had know idea where this was going. but, the bartender knew and it was funny. i never thought about mixing the two disciplines together before. i’m surprised bugs bunny never did either … or did he.

running outta breath
so, to make a short story even longer. when we were fencing at the farm we sang the song to make time go by faster. every time i see a smiling face unexpectedly – i will break into a chorus of b-i-n-g-o.

name oh!
well i’m not going to give that away. but, when i did spontaneously break into a set of b-i-n-g-o … someone completed the chorus for me. i like when that happens.

creating stories between people takes time – when both people get on the same page it’s cool stuff.

da book
we will be sticking this story in our pub book.

oh, hug somebody today … they may need it more than you!


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