old ugly and nice

or the good, bad and the ugly …

one is a movie and the other is real life.

young people want to grow-up so fast. i know that’s what i wanted when i was younger. i wanted age. i don’t want age any more. you can have half by age back.

yeah, yeah, yeah. experience and all that stuff is just great when someone wants to listen. try talking to a young person who wants to be older yet doesn’t want to listen. i wish i’d have listened more. in fact i wish someone would of talked more and had me talk about what i thought. nobody asked me.

good looking
i’m the first to say to the younger audience that i’m a member of the old and ugly club – eventually everybody gets there. you don’t see a lot of pretty looking old people – nature of the business folks. i know the cliche of the new 30 is the new 40 and etc. certainly people are in better shape and healthier in some cases and medical advances have helped. a youthful pretty or handsome is something to enjoy when you are young. experience life, stay in school, keep learning, stay healthy and enjoy being youthful. because the new 70’s isn’t the same as being an old 20.

embrace all people as we are truly natures astonishing wonder. unfortunately, the mental state of some cause turmoil to the rest of us. we smile at the youthfulness of childhood and wish the world would remain as innocent. becoming more mature has the benefit of doubting what we didn’t do and did.

i enjoy the ugly pub nights out. it’s not an ugly place or ugly people …etc. it’s just a state of mind. a place where you don’t have to look your best or talk your best – sans peer pressure. somewhere to drop-in after work and share a few stories – everybody needs a place like this. you are amongst friends because they don’t care how you look or talk. it’s the new ugly.

how does one justify being rude to someone? what if the only way they will understand is to make a statement that becomes a rude awakening. rude, then becomes a tool. young and old, good-looking and ugly all need a rude awakening every now and again. i don’t do rude – i prefer language skills.

sometimes being nice does mean you finish last. you get trampled on, forgotten, mocked, ridiculed and talked about. but, at the end of the day you completed what you set out to accomplish – you finished. if you spend too much time worrying about how others perceive you and complain – you may not finish what you set out to accomplish. if you want santa claus to visit folks …

sometimes being old, ugly and nice is okay…


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