easter morning

enjoying a beverage free weekend, i am …

good morn, good day, g-savo where ever you are reading this from.

waiting for everything to passover
hang-over queens and kings alike, pick your self up and dust yourself off. look under the bed for that lost sock. hopefully, shoes are at the door. i can see the jacket – oh, wait i left it in the car – damn. they are still sleeping – oh, well they can drop if off at work. should of thought about this before my last drink.

i tell you this simply cannot passover soon enough.

scenario summary
couch camping is on hold – but, outdoor living is returning folks. it’s starting to shine around this neck of the woods. a pint is best enjoyed after a little exercise. run or walk if you will. today is a great day for a bike ride. support your local bike shop and drop your ride off for the tune-up. which usually means all my friends and family drop their bikes off with me.

what would be really cool – bike racks at the local pub …. hmmm!

all over europe and the large cities of the world have bike racks scattered everywhere – where are they in this town.

this town is flat and small enough to ride everywhere but, they have no racks  – go figure. pleasantly plump pub people …

cornation street
catching up on the latest. hockey playoffs you know. must say that i’m not very interested this year. needless to say the cornie is broadcasted earlier and i miss it. sunday morning they play all five episodes in a row – good stuff.

i digging the sociability of this new media. it has helped correct my thought process about the blog and website focus. also, my self focus on people, places and lifestyle i must pursue.

mixology psychology
sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. it most certainly is harder to listen to than fiction. especially when you are narrating your own narrative. open discussion no matter how hard the topic simply must be discussed.

high school musical
oddly enough, it still seems to be playing out. i think my role is the parent of a fellow cast member. i am indirectly supposed to provide guidance and permission of approval. like i said folks, this is odd – but, i’ll keep you informed.

da book, boss, da book
second authoring will be worked on this summer. on behalf of those whom have inspired my thoughts on paper including the places – we will seek to publish a second book. i have noted the various artists, photographers and writers amongst the crowd. perhaps we could get a submission of your creation for da book? – we’ll talk later.

designated drivers, taxi, family and friends who have gotten us home safe this weekend.

talk it out, walk it out – just don’t let it pile up …

anyhoo …. outdoor living anyone?


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