two for tuesday

so, much for couch camping.

it was a two-for-tuesday with a couple things happening …

use of garbage image
This often symbolizes the unwanted traits, attitudes, fears or memories that you want to discard. It may also symbolize a duty or responsibility that you want nothing to do with. Perhaps you feel that you have now disposed of the junk in your life that has been preventing you from progressing. If the garbage is rotten, this implies that these difficulties have been with you for a long time.

correctly used as in this case – it helps to clear my mind of what was truly holding me back from going forward.

in no case is this image a reflection on anybody, or any ideas – it is purely in use for myself.

couching camping reference is important – click here

long time no see
well, well, well a couple recognizable faces appeared much to my delight.

mixology psychology
thanks to my weekly psychology sessions i got inspired to start trashing some past memories – spring clearing of the mind.

4 bags of clothes for the salvation army – one re-cycle bag of paper.

i also came across a box of travel souvenirs and paraphernalia including the dreadful photos. which reminded me about …

i can’t believe how long we hang on to some of this stuff … thanks for helping me with this much needed duty.

you have to clear the old thoughts clouding the mind – so, new thoughts will bring sunshine onto the mind.

this weeks scenario
communication breakdown – to much stress talking, saying to much, not saying anything, saying the wrong things, speaking my mind – had to bail unannounced and hated every minute of it.

thanks – overhead heater friends, poetic couples, and regulars alike – see ya sometime, soon.

a neighborhood pub has done the exceptional act of generosity on my last couple visits – that’s very nice.

someone needs a hug …


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