sweet twitter

how lovely can a twitter be?

well i guess we will soon see …
i have yet another twitter account along with dfmw home page account. we will blend in the tweeting bit with some more news on the sociable front of pub-servation.

my launch tweets
using two twitter accounts in sub-polar weather is making me feel a bit bi-polar.

bi-polar to me refers to being either hot or cold vs just being messed up.

somedays i understand bi-polar and other days i just get upset about the whole thing.

look for the funny guy in baseball hat on the top right hand corner for the latest tweets.

typing twitter and tweet is starting to mess me up. you wouldn’t believe how many times i hit backspace.

high school musical
hopefully this has played it’s course despite my absence from the cast. it reminds me of watching a bad television commercial that everyone laughs at – when they turn around and say that looks like you – what? that’s no good …

cornation street
yeah the funny dude is now hanging with the good looking gal that was trying to frame the other guys best friends mom – what?

and they had a speed dating event at the pub – do you ever notice that the only one who wants a date is the host, the guests just want to play the game …..

anyhoo … we are going to follow through with some multi-media projects this summer. so, let me know if you want to help out or just be involved in some way. everyone is welcome provided we have a project for you.

please, like the facebook page – i just got it going with the right info today and i now need 25 people to secure the name to facebook. your help would be greatly appreciated.

speaking of which – some of the pubs do not have a like button or add to page button – what’s up? i want to add you our facebook page.

pubs, food & beverage, websites, events …etc – i will be asking shortly about including your link on this site.

i must solve the conversation interaction through some form of social media or perhaps a separate forum altogether. i want the discussions to be positive. share the good vibes in life – there is already to much negative in reality. lets have some fun and boost the spirits [pint] of life and all whom we interact with.

and more chocolate for the girls this week … who wants 70% dark?

one more – someone gave me notes on 2 more games people play the other night, i will get them online shortly.

cheers, weirdo


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