you got played

this one is a charmer …

the charmer
someone is playing a game on you, and probably several other people as well.

can opener
just when you thought you were being a nice person and suddenly, you are completely taken by surprise by an overly friendly gesture. what just happen?

synopsis of the scenario
are you the rebound, the distraction from a breakup, the reason to cause a breakup, hormones acting up, too much adult beverages – what ever the situation is – it is clearly a premeditated thought and you just got played. drop-in on an unexpected night and watch the process get played out on someone else.

be polite about it and don’t tell everyone else of the person’s nasty habits. i would think that their friends already know and that’s why they don’t talk to you about your interest. they are in a way protecting you from the undesirable methodology of their friend.


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