the pickup

hey, you wanna ride? …

no, really i’m going that way anyhow.
yeah, sure you are. we see this happen a little to often at your local hangout. since we have seen the events play out over the years you can practically read their lips.

can opener
so they are trying to make a point to everybody by leaving with someone in plain sight. we all know this scene – slowly grabbing the coat and milking the scene for all its worth. a casual glance back to ensure the correct audience is watching. i always will point out the individual for others to witness.

synopsis of scenario
good luck with the pickup ride home honeybun! no one is interested in that game as an adult. you just shot yourself in the foot riding shotgun with that person. unless you are intending to send a bad message to the whole establishment i personally won’t suggest playing this game. i have seen repeat business by the same person only with different clientele.

there simply isn’t more of a rookie mistake then to publicly leave with stranger in full view on purpose. best to leave this to the country bars folks, the pub is for the neighborhood friends to hang out. at this point kids – separate the high school games and present day reality of becoming an adult.


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