sociable sites

when used correctly …

what’s the deal with the social media crowd?
what part of the phrase social don’t you understand.

can opener
i can’t believe in such a short time of 5 years that the social media sites are now morphed into social drama studies and cultural behavior.

synopsis of the scenario
so, now that we are all online trying to connect with everybody with this internet thing and the social media sites – life is pretty fun eh! no! because you people aren’t using it for it’s intention. being sociable online. i have to admit that until i figure out all the ins and out of this social media thing i will be a little private. but, what’s with the turn-off everything crowd. email if you want that much privacy or try a phone call, meet the person … in person.

there probably are a few people that would be interesting to connect to but, other than that anybody can see what i’m up to by reading any of my blogs. email me if you want to talk or friend me i don’t have anything to hide.


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