play date

do you want to play with me?

wanna play with me
sometimes i too dumb to think of this – about asking to go on a play date.

can opener
if we are keeping in line with Pub talk why not walk the walk with your interest. every good Pub has games – darts, pool, arcade, perhaps chess or cribbage.

synopsis of the scenario
i was inadvertently asked to play a game, while another game was going to be played out. i was watching it unfold while actually playing … a game! what the heck happened there. i knew the whole deal was going down from the hesitation in the voice – the oh, no not him, not now, not today … what did i say?

i swear if life was a simple as reading the rules to a game and just going out and playing them we probably wouldn’t have to much drama in our lives. but, life doesn’t work that way and people do play games everyday. there is an undisclosed rule book that i don’t know about and probably never will. so, i just have to play along.


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  1. Your information Helped me Thanks you Much

  2. South beach says:

    thanks ur parents for having you

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