oogly googly

i caught you!

stray eye for stray guy …
is this you? are you the type that eyes everything that walks in the room. you just can’t wait to see who the new people are.

can opener
tourist season, open season, spring, valentine’s day. whatever your time is we are sure you have your honest moments, it just that you don’t have them with us.

synopsis of the scenario
so you are sitting there talking to you know who and in comes a stranger. their eyes are no longer with you but with the stranger, following them into the room. then the excuse of washroom break or something to do in the other room. yeah, yeah, yeah give us a break. oh, i sorry .. was i talking about something?

before i learned of this bad habit, i did it. because i needed to be trained not to. i wasn’t used to be in the company of just one person. i just did it out of habit – but, i was taught fast and became a faster learner.

special to this game
i know of people whom do this on purpose because they are always on the look out for someone stray and strange. not the people i want to hang out with.


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