hard to get

definitely worth the getting …

difficult and hard
just when you thought things where going alright – they just got tougher. you acknowledged the flame, added timber and now you want to enjoy the fire.

can opener
you tried a couple of the character tests and the results seem to be okay. so, now it’s a matter of following through on your inclinations of interest.

synopsis of the scenario
so, there you are trying to start a conversation or just say Hi. but, your interest short answers you and walks away. son-of-gun, what the heck happened. your interest knows you like them and is willing to have you work for it.

when this happens to me – i’m happy. even if it takes time, it’s worth the process and determination. in fact the longer the process, the more refined the solution. the only clink in the armour is time – how much time do either parties want to spend doing the chasing before someone else becomes involved?

special to this game
i think i’m either totally in on this game, or someone is trying to make a example of me.


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