computer glitch

clip and paste …

i didn’t think it was that photo?
unless you are married to the person stop with the picture postings. we used to be able to throw them out, not any more.

can opener
oh, he/she is so nice – i think i’ll post pictures of our outing on the web. are you nuts. we are going to see them and you are going to forget where to put them.

synopsis of the scenario
we have not only done this but from trial and error we see it happening all the time. you’ll try to make someone jealous by posting photos of the two of us together -what? holy moly is that funny when you come across past photos of someone that swore they never had a relationship with. or better yet, after the relationship has ended and they don’t know where the photos are – but, someone showed them to us.

you are best to keep your photos and comments personal and that means – not on facebook. facebook should be about sharing you and your friends family with everybody. when you start getting to private – stop using the internet social sites. social sites are for being social not stating a pointless point.

especially the young generation that is raised within the digital age – social networking will be a valuable tool later in life don’t use it as a game.


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