are they interested

only do this if you are interested …

Are they interested?
this one is a little more complicated than the other traditional games. you have to be real bold to pull this one off and it may not work.

can opener
in a subtle way let a few folk know you want to talk to your friend/interest aloud.

say what?
when you are talking to this person let them know a little about yourself so you can squash any rumors that may be surfacing from others trying to shine the wrong light on your situation. make sure it is within ear shot of staff and customers that matter most. they will be your allies to help extinguish any flames people may try to ignite.

synopsis of the scenario
determine how many suitors are lined up for the individual in question the following weeks. if there is a notable increase or decrease you can evaluate your findings.

less suitors – your point was taken
more suitors – they are playing a game on you that is just a little to revealing about the personality… bring on more – wrong message.

special to this game
i’m not playing a game when i reveal personal stuff to someone of interest and do it publicly.


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