soooooo, confused

not me personally, but some people are …

mind boggling this blogging stuff you know.

so i ended up doing a three-peat tramp-a-thon the other night. good times, just frickin tiring.

Note to Self – must stop while i’m still getting older -what?

still thinking about the age difference and generation gap …
i have found that any person from any background of any age will find a way to communicate their message.

how do you encourage someone to become a thinker, or is it just best to let them slip through the cracks of life and see what happens.

i have decided that i like when a female purposely positions herself in your sight-line.

High School Musical
my role in the glee club high school musical is yet to be determined by myself although i’m pretty sure i have a defined role as it still seems to be played out nightly to a packed audience of staff and customers.

Heads-up Display – to the person who said they liked the sarcastic humor with Pub-Servation and said so aloud – cheers

and to those who didn’t say anything – action speaks louder than words. was your action a reaction?

Club Memberships – i don’t want to say anything wrong thing as opposed to only time i take my foot out of my mouth is when i’m changing feet – i recently signed up for a lifetime membership.

Glossary Submissions – i have added a couple new terms as witnessed the other night.

hot patootie – physical appearances work for you.

cutie patootie – someone who makes you smile back.

Character Test – drop in the local Pub on your off night to see who is doing what with who. As they wouldn’t anticipate your surprise arrival – look for the shocked stare. Their friends won’t tell you anything about them so pull off a surprise drop-in and do your own character test.

I tried this the other night and to no avail there was a few characters whom were in on some action and immediately skampered into their corners when they saw me. good fun …

i will add this to the games page.

More Weird – just when i was running out of nice things to type – i have come up with another weirdly written prose. check it out here

yeah, and i think i was setup on something. it seemed way to complicated to figure out with many different facets of connectivity. maybe i’m thinking to much.

hey, guys have you ever talked to some dude about his last girlfriend problems, and then you find out it’s the girl you like. what? who? Noooooooooo … or it’s your wife – haaahaaha

Service – as usual at all places was friendly and prompt, very professional and a special nice touch was the chips and salsa. good things don’t go unnoticed and shouldn’t – thanks.

Music – the live music was frickin awesome that night – the set of faith hill and janis joplin and country rock – love that stuff.

Advice at Last – ease off the nightly bar stool shift folks. it doesn’t look good on you.

i arrived with a group and left alone – that’s a good impression
arriving alone and leaving with someone – not a good impression
arriving alone and leaving alone – that’s a good impression
what impression did you leave someone?

i wouldn’t want to belong to a club that would have me as a membergroucho marx


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  1. one of the greatest posts i’ve read.

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