stand-up comedy

I have been sitting to long – better stand-up and laugh …

I do enjoy the comedian folk – especially the funny ones …hahahah. Now you know why I’m not a comedian – I hate standing up.

But, the point of this sociable is to mention all the great comedians that are around this neck of the woods.

I went to a favorite Pub the other night and was quite pleasantly entertained for several hours.

It wasn’t of the open mike variety, but a selected set of funny people.

We also forgot about the live performance and started to talk a little loud. The Parentals had to tell us to peep down.

They are doing more of this stuff in my neighborhood with an actual comedy club opening it’s doors. A few other places just have a feature night.

The Sidetrack Cafe was a great place in the day – part of that memory stuff I always write about on the other blogs – Sunday night was the big variety night. Packed house every Sunday. It was a couple Sundays ago when I went out – but, it was real good.

The Glee High School Musical that I have somehow signed up for is still performing to a nightly audience of staff and customers.

Re-hashing old memories of people interaction when I was younger – I don’t think there is anything wrong with remembering when I was younger no matter what the consequences. If anything it makes one feel … noticed. And I have tried not to be noticed for some time. So, that’s perhaps a good thing.

Hockey Playoffs have started. It is always best to watch the first rounds at home so you can remember what the heck happened. Going out to the local Pub is okay if you don’t plan on watching the game.

I think maybe I ‘ll go out and watch the game.

*Parentals – look in glossary.


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