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Let the Games begin …

I have three games outlined – don’t steal them. I will have to transform them into pub style games – perhaps an ‘App’ would do. Something has to click sooner than later. I’m surprised that it is taking this long to discover a simple physical game that can be created from my stories. The beer pong idea is excellent if I can manipulate it into something else. How far will this ‘App” thing go before people actually want to play a real game.

Pool, Ping Pong, Darts will be pub room standards for years to come and pretty darn hard to compete against. Of course the occasional card game like cribbage appears as does chess.  So, being that everyone has a smart phone – the ‘App’ is probably the way to go. Of course I would have to tie it in with Facebook and Twitter so all your friends can follow along.

Well that’s a start I will continue the thought process and keep you informed. Thanks for reading.

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