the game

Have you ever walk into a room and notice everybody goes quiet. A quick adjustment of the fly, perhaps my socks are the wrong color, or my hair is a mess. No, it’s none of the above. It’s ‘The Game‘.

I thought I would explain about the players involved and their peculiar activities that commence. I equate ‘The Game‘  somewhat like an episode of animal kingdom, without the narration and helicopters.

So, it begins with – waiting for the next player to come up with a conversation topic is like watching paint dry. I notice they usually refer to sports or entertainment as the decoy. Did you watch the game last night, or did you see this movie…What is really interesting is the different players and their positioning strategies that occur immediately after.

Sacrificial Lamb – whom walks over first,usually a sign that they are
trying to deflect something as they are probably the discussion leader.
Primeval Grouping – as people re-seat themselves as though to disassociate from the issue, as if two seats down will do just that.
Followers – those who walk in the room and briefly stare before acknowledging the group.
[indication the discussion is beyond the immediate grouping]
Silencers – the most outspoken of individuals are suddenly the quietest.
Normals – they just keep talking the whole way through, not interested in the petty stuff and are thankful the conversation has moved up to an adult level.
Polite – the one who changes subjects as a deterrent.
Grade School – loves the childhood social topics and really hasn’t evolved past that level of conversational skill so they begin using playground jargon and gestures.
Matures – those whom have seen this nonsense before and couldn’t be bothered. they are usually positioned slightly away from group.
[best to sit near these folks and get the update on the groups informal gathering]
The Token – essentially the person or people whom the group is referring.
The GameThe Token plays along and provides more info for the groups next session. dfmw © 2010

Footnote: If your not in ‘The Game’ and don’t find any similarities then I suggest you read the ‘Aliens Exist‘ category. Perhaps you are an Alien and didn’t know it?


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