Well just to have fun with a category. I thought I’d invent a phrase that would categorize those oddities of people amongst whom despite all the information and technology available just don’t seem to get it.
So, lets create a trio describing these unusual suspects.

Greys – [the deflection of voice tone]

According to the media and movie business the Greys are identified as short, big head, round eyes, long fingers, the ET-type.  I thinking that grey is not really a color as much as a tone. So, the ‘Greys’ would be a tone of mannerisms. Therefore the deflection of your voice tone would define Greys.

Shape Shifters – [I just saw so and so]

Cars that turn into giant robots is another movie identity. I thinking about the shadowy individuals that lurk around corners. Suddenly, you have this glimpse at the mall … I thought I just saw so and so. And you find out later that they were at the mall at the same time therefore they maybe the elusive Shape Shifters.

Reptilian – [mood swingers]

Men in Black or Alien vs Predator or anything right out of Star Trek magazine is to full-on for the Reptilian. Perhaps an individual who alters their personality or is in a perpetual swinging of the mood, and yet probably the best example is …..

Summary –  simply trying to politely classify the absurd action and reaction of those individuals in society with for some reason or another just don’t get it. Perhaps being naive of today’ society is that they are from another planet. dfmw © 2010

and therefore …  Aliens Exist ?


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